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     Each summer special guest artists have been invited to exhibit works on the site which either express or in some way interpret the summer theme. Many thanks again to the 2014 Guest Artists who exhibited works in conjunction with the 2014 theme "The Art of Progress." Unfortunately, time is at a premium for Dorothy this summer (even more so than in prior years), and there simply is not enough time to do a thorough job in presenting the materials to viewers. Hopefully the Guest Artist works will return next year. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

     Also, in conjunction with the book which has been written about the site, all past summer websites have been recoded and reposted. Past Guest Artists from those previous summers have been invited to have their works reposted as they originally appeared on the site during the summer in which they were guests. Those works which have been reposted are listed on the site's Facebook page (you'll need to scroll down a bit), or you can visit the "Guests" page in each of the past summer sites. The sites are accessible via links found on the Book Preview Page.

A NOTE ON THE THEME AND THE GUEST ARTIST SECTION FOR 2015. In the summer of 2014, the site revolved around World Fairs/World Expos, leading up to the opening of the 2015 Expo in Milan, Italy. The Expo opened in May and will remain open through October. You can read more about it in the special feature section in the Essay Archives or visit the Milan Expo website at As part of last summer's essays, information was also presented on another celebration taking place this year, what the United Nations has designated as "The International Year of Light and Light-Based Technologies." This summer's site is an acknowledgement of that celebration. Why? According to the International Year of Light website (, the initiative is intended to "highlight to the citizens of the world the importance of light and optical technologies in their lives, for their futures, and for the development of society." More about the theme can be found on the "News" page. But there is also another reason for the "light" in this year's theme. At the moment I am working on several other projects and am not sure how much time will be available to devote to the site. For now, all other special additions to the site, including guest artists, poetry and the essays, are temporarily on hold for 2015. If it works out that I will have the time to complete these portions of the site, they will be added as the summer progresses. More will be known as July nears. If need be, however, this summer's version might be a little "lite," so to say. You can find ongoing updates on the News page.


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