Don't forget to read this month's essay, "Seeds, Industry Germination and California Roots: A Taste of the Genetically Modified Foods Debate, Part III"

For listings of free summer concerts in Orange and L.A. Counties, click "Free Concerts" below.

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     A SPECIAL NOTE FOR ALL VISITORS: Thanks to the response from all of you this summer, the full site will be held over until the end of this month. After September 27th the listings will continue, but in a reduced one-page site. For those of you who have been with since last summer, the fall/winter/spring listings you saw from October through May will return in the same format. Don't go away! October brings the start of classical music season, fall festivals and holiday events!

     If this is your first time to visit, please take a while and browse through the collection of poetry and photos, read the current essay or look over one of the excerpts from the publications I've written. For all new and returning visitors, be sure to make your way to the listings of free concerts in Los Angeles and Orange Counties! This summer the listings were expanded to include more concert-in-the-park cities and other special music-related events!  For further details and a complete list of performances, click on "Free Concerts" above. The lists are and will continue to be updated weekly, so please check back often.

    Over the last year many of you asked for more information about the bands and musicians performing at the concerts. So, as a special addition for visitors this summer, presented two new music-related sections. First, links (when available) for bands performing in the summer park concerts were included on the "LINKS" page. There have also been two "FEATURED ARTISTS" each month, one for the first half of the month and one for the second. These musicians had a number of performances scheduled over the course of the summer, one likely to have been in a park or on a stage near you! To read about the them, click on the box below. If your browser does not allow you to see text in the box, click here to reach the "Featured Artists" page.

    For the month of September, is also pleased to present the work of Guest Photographer Dirk Yuricich. You can view his pictures in the Concerts by Date/All Cities section, and in the "City Links" portion of the Links page.

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