The O.T.C. Company

      The following information is being collected as market research for a possible new gift product.  Thank you for taking the time to answer the questions.  Your responses are appreciated.

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1.  If a close friend or family member had been experiencing tough times (illness, loss of job, divorce or break-up with a significant other, etc.), would you consider purchasing a gift for him or her to show your support or concern? (Please select one answer below.  If your answer is no, you need not continue.

     Yes                            No       

2.  What items immediately come to mind as those you might consider purchasing? (Check all that apply.)

     Card              Flowers           Balloons            Plant            Food Item  

    Candy           Gift Basket           Inspirational/Religious Item          Other      


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3.  Where would you consider purchasing this item or these items? (Check all that apply.)

     Department Store        Stationery Store        Drug Store        Catalog        

    Supermarket           On-Line Retailer           Discount Retailer        Florist  

     Gift Shop            Other      

4.  Please indicate how much you would consider spending on such an item(s). (Check only one.)

     Under $10           $11 - $20          $21 - $30           $31 - $40           $41 - 50        

     $51 - 60           $61 - 70           Over $70