Now in its 13th summer, is a site listing free concerts and music-related events in Orange County and parts of Los Angeles County and the Inland Empire. The site has two different phases, the summer site and the fall/winter/spring site. The summer site runs from June - September and the fall/winter/spring site from October through May. In the summer the site design and artwork revolve around a central theme which is different each year. The current version of the site can be viewed at The site also has an online presence at and

     This division is the concept for an online store for carrying general and limited-edition merchandise, examples of which can be found at Special merchandise would be tailored to the summer theme each year and available only in limited quantities. General merchandise would be available on an ongoing basis. In addition to site-specific artwork created each year, the site also carries works of guest artists and featured musicians in the summer months. The possibility would remain open for guests artists and guest musicians to make available works for sale via the store along with sales of site-specific artwork. One future possibility for the store also would be to market an annual fee-based members-only club. The fee would enable members of the club to gain access to special deals and additional free offers (negotiated with specific vendors/venues) on music and/or merchandise.


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