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      Each year that the site has been in existence, five or six of Dorothy's poems have appeared on the summer poetry page. Initially poems were drawn from Dorothy's volume of travel poems and photography entitled "Journeys, Destinations, Routes." More recently, new poems have been written to accompany the summer theme for the site. Some of those poems may be viewed via the links for the reposted past summer websites which can be found on the Book Preview page. All of this year's poems have been written to accompany the theme. Click on a link below to reach the poems; if some of the poems are not yet here, they will be posted shortly.

      A note on the birds pictured in the poetry section - These birds are called cormorants. The birds eat fish and hunt by diving and swimming underwater. The picture on the previous page with the wings outstreched is a common pose for the cormorants. The reason for this is that their wings are not waterproof, and the birds have to dry them after being underwater. Most of these pictures were taken during the winter and early spring at the lake at Tri-City Park (a park bordering the cities of Placentia, Brea and Fullerton), though the one just to the left was taken at Laguna Lake in Fullerton.


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