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     The Links page has grown tremendously with the number of venues added to the listings and the number of artists appearing at the concerts. Several years ago it was the most slowly-loading page on the site. As a result, it was split into three sections. The first section contains links to the cities/venues hosting the concerts, as well as a small list of art and poetry links. The second section is a list of band links for the letters "A" through "L," and the third section is a list of band links for the letters "M" through "Z." Some cities/venues do not release their concert information until well into June or later (especially for series in August and September), so the Links section is continually updated during the summer as information is received. Click on a link below to go to one of the three sections.

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     The 1958 Expo in Brussels was the first major World's Fair after the end of World War II (only a smaller one was held in Port-Au-Prince, Haiti in 1949). The picture here, courtesy of the Atomium (, shows the building as it is today. The Atomium guidebook also notes that "With the slogan building a world for the modern man, the event [1958 Expo] sent out a message of boundless optimism and attempted to reflect a society that was confident in its future and enthusiastic about the future of humanity." Further on in the text, the explanation of the 1958 event continues by saying, "With its national and commercial pavilions, Expo 58 was a window to the world. In spite of it message of peace and friendship between nations, this great festive event was not immune from the tensions of the Cold War in 1958. Beneath the Atomium, the United States and the Soviet Union (now Russia and the other nations of central Europe) defied each other in a symbolic confrontation. Both of them attracted curious, fascinated crowds. Pride of place at the centre of the Soviet Pavilion was given to Sputnik, the first artificial satellite, representing the success of communist society. Opposite this, the American Pavilion vaunted the American Dream, the consumer society and the comforts of modern life."


* * PLEASE NOTE: Band links are added to the section on a continuing basis and updated throughout the summer, and "missing links" are filled in as websites are located. There are still many more names to be added and shows to be included. If you don't find the information you're looking for, please send an e-mail message to the site or try back a little later! * *

    The information included in the section is in the following format: artist or band name, type of music, website/link and date(s) of performance(s). Details for concerts dates are included in the listings during the current month. All listings are alphabetical, and you can click on a letter below or scroll down the page to view the entire section of band links. Any information on band links which have not been located ("missing link") is appreciated.

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     This year marks the 50th Anniversary of the signing into law of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Earlier this summer a ribbon-cutting was held for the only monument in Los Angeles dedicated to the Civil Rights Movement. The public artwork sits in two places in the Baldwin Hills area separated by a mile, one at the intersection of Rodeo Road and Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard, and the other at the intersection of Rodeo Road and Jefferson Boulevard. The part of the public artwork depicted below is of the installation at Rodeo Road and Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard. It focuses on national leaders of the Civil Rights Movement. The other, at Rodeo Road and Jefferson Boulevard, focuses on local Civil Rights leaders.

     A tile mounted on the main portion of the artwork reads as follows: Walk a Mile in My Shoes (2014) is a public artwork by Kim Abeles and commissioned by the City of Los Angeles, Department of Cultural Affairs and Department of Public Works. "You can't really understand another person's experience until you've walked a mile in their shoes," is an American Indian saying, with variations known in many cultures. Located along the corridor of Rodeo Road, book-ended by Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard on the east and Jefferson Boulevard on the west, the artwork speaks of inspiration, empathy and "walking" as forward movement. This site [meaning the Rodeo/MLK, Jr. site] features the shoes of participants of the civil rights marches, colleagues of Dr. King, and a replica of his shoes. At the Jefferson/Rodeo site, the photographic tiles include shoes belonging to local leaders in Los Angeles, and show the many forms of community building that are possible for each of us. You can find out more about this project at the website

Continue scrolling down the page to view the photographs. Other images can be found on the "Band Links M - Z" page.

2AZZ1 Urban Jazz/R&B June, July, Aug, Sept 26, 28
3 Balls of Fire Surf July
3rd Degree Blues Blues June
5 Minutes Late August
5 Star Band Variety July
11 Echo R&B "missing link" June
40th Infantry Division Band Patriotic July
80z All Stars 80s July, Aug
100 Proof August
314 Band Rock/Blues "missing link" July
10,000 Maniacs Alt Rock June

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The A Section Jazz "missing link" July
A+ Dropouts Pop/Rock July
A Flock of Seagulls New Wave July
A Little Band "missing link" August
A Place Called Home Jazz "missing link" July
AC Jazz Project Jazz August
AJ's Entertainment July
Abba Fab Abba Tribute July, Aug
Abbey Road Beatles Tribute June, July, Sept 4
About Time August
Abrakadabra August
Academy of Visual and Performing Arts Jazz/Blues August
Ace Dance/Variety Aug, Sept 19
Acoustic for a Change Acoustic June
Adaawe African July, Aug
Adam's Attic Alt Rock June, July, Aug, Sept 27
Adams, Nico August
Adrianna Marie/Groove Cutters www.adriannamarieandhergroovecutters. com August
Aeromyth Aerosmith Tribute July
Afanador, Daniel Jiminez Acoustic Sp/Eng Sept 26
Afro-Peruvian Jazz Project Latin Jazz "missing link" August
Afro-Tango Ensemble June, July
After Party 80s July
Al-Saadi, Laith Blues/Rock August
The Album Leaf Eclectic June
Alexandra/Starlight Band starlightband August
Ali, Nadia August
Alien Ant Farm Rock August
All American Boys Chorus Youth Chorus July
All American Wranglers Country June
All Day Night World Pop "missing link" June
Allah-Las Rock June, Sept 4
The Allant Trio Classical June
The Alley Cats A Cappella/Doo Wop July
The Allman, Gregg Southern Rock July
AlmaNova Duo Flute/Guitar June
Aloha Radio June, July, Aug
Alpha Iota Music Fraternity Classical June
Altar Billies July, Aug
Alvarez, J "missing link" August
Ambrosius, Marsha Singer Songwriter June
American Wake Irish August
American Young July
Amos, Shawn August
Anderson, Chris Group Blues July, Sept 4
Anderson, Paul Roots Rock "missing link" Aug, Sept 6
Anderson, Pete Roots/Blues "missing link" July
Andrews, Ernie Jazz July, Sept 12
Angel City All Stars Brass Band Eclectic June
The Angry Babies 80s New Wave July
The Answer Classic Rock June, July, Aug, Sept 1, 6, 7, 25
Aquarius Late 60s July
Argus Quartet Classical Sept 24
Ariondo, Nick Accordionist July
Arioso Duo Classical Sept 17
Arise Roots Reggae June
Arrival ABBA Tribute July
Astoquillca, Christopher A-Tet Jazz "missing link" July
Atlantics Tribute Surf "missing link" August
Atomic Punks Van Halen Tribute August
Aubele, Federico Minimalist Tango June
Auger, Brian/Oblivion Express Jazz July
Azusa Pacific University Ensembles Variety Sept 12, 26, 27, 28
Azzoni Duo Classical June, Aug

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Though somewhat obscured in the picture above, the pair of shoes pictured here sits atop the main marker for the site. As explained in the image on the left, the shoe sculpture was modeled after the shoes of Dr. King which are on display at The King Center.

B-Side Band Rock & Roll "missing link" July, Aug
BJ & the Chicago Kid "missing link" July
BYOB (Bring Your Own Blues) Blues July, Sept 19
Baba Elefante Trio Jazz July, Sept 19
Babylon Saints Reggae-Rock June, July
Baca, Max/Los Texmaniacs August
Backstreet "missing link" Sept 20
Bad Apples "missing link" July
Bad Bad Not Good Jazz/Instrumental August
Bad Jack "missing link" July
Badd Co. Bad Company Tribute August
Baker, Bob Marionettes June, Aug
The Balance Band Latin August
Balcombe, Naomi Sax/Vocals Aug, Sept 5
Bali & Beyond Music of Bali July
Ballet Folklorico Mexico LA Folklorico "missing link" July
Ballet Folklorico Revolucion Folklorico "missing link" Sept 13
Balogh, Endre Violinist Sept 7
The Band Fresh Top 40/Dance July
Banda Agua Caliente See June
Banda Brothers Latin Jazz August
Banda la Tremendas Latin "missing link" Sept 13
Banda Maqueos Oaxacan July
Bandidos de Amor Latin July
Bankshot Classic Rock "missing link" August
Banned from the Beach Surf June
Bannen, Kelleigh July
Banta Pop August
Bar Starz Rock July
Barbee, Ray "missing link" Sept 6
Barber, Cris Jazz Band Jazz August
Barsamian, Aram Baritone June
Bastards of Belleville Blues/Swing June
Bastida, Ceci Latin Aug, Sept 14
Batata Los Angeles Afro Funk "missing link" June
Baytos, Eddie/Nervis Bros New Orleans Jazz August
Bearcoon Sept 6
Bearwulf Rock July
The Beatless Classic Rock July, Aug
The Beatunes Beatles Tribute July
Beck, Nina Jazz August
Beep JazzPop August
The Belairs Rock/Soul July
Bell Gardens Eclectic June
Bella Donna Stevie Nicks/Fleetwood Mac Tribute June, July
The Belle Brigade Pop August
Below 51 Alt/Punk Rock August
Beltran, Louie Cruz Latin Jazz/Salsa June, July
Benet, Eric R&B June
Benjamin, Karen Am. Songbook June
Bennett, Michael "missing link" Sept 20
Benny y Sus Tropicales Central Am. usa August
Better Than Blue Blues "missing link" August
Big Bad Rooster August
Big Butter Jazz Band Jazz June, July
Big Daddy T August
Big Data Electronic July
Big Fat Steve Band Country Rockabilly July
Big Lucky Swing June
Big Papa and the TCB R&B August
Big Truth Little Lies Band Fleetwood Mac Tribute August
Billy Joel 2 Elton John Joel/John Tribute Sept 30
Birdie's Playhouse Children's August
Bjorkedal, Alison Harpist July
Black Crystal Wolf Kids Indie Tribute June, July
Black Tongued Bells Roots Sept 28
Blair, Alaina Country June
Blame Sally Folk/Rock August
Bleeding Harp Blues Sept 19
Blue Bird Harmony Classic Rock "missing link" Aug, Sept 27
Blue Breeze Band R&B/Motown June, July, Aug, Sept 13
Blue Hawaiians August
The Blue Notes Jazz "missing link" August
Blue Oyster Cult Rock August
Blue Steel Rock August
Blues Buzzards R&B July, Aug
Blues Racket Pop/R&B/Dance July, Aug
Bob's Garage Classic Rock "missing link" June, July
Boca do Rio Brazilian August
Bola de Vez Brazilian "missing link" July
The Bolts Rock July
Bonaduce, Gretchen 80s See Fatal 80s Sept 1
Bonfire AC/DC Tribute August
Boogaloo Assassins Latin Soul August
Boogie Knights Disco August
Boom Boom Boom June
Bop!Bang!Boom! Band Jazz See Geissman, Grant July
Bordeaux, Derek R&B/Motown June, July, Aug, Sept 20
Born Jovi Bon Jovi Tribute August
Bourbon, Claude Guitarist June
Boshnack, Sam Quintet JazzPop August
Box Car 7 Blues/Soul July, Aug
Boys and Bees 20s-40s "missing link" July, Aug
Boys of Summer Eagles Tribute July
Bradley, Charles Sept 11
Brandon, Peter Country July
Brasil Brazil Brazilian August
Bravo High Latin Jazz Band Latin Jazz July
Breach the Summit Indie Pop June, July, Aug
Brentwood Westwood Symphony Orchestra June
Brewster, Jimmy/Westside Band Sinatra "missing link" August
Brick Top Blaggers August
Bridgers, Phoebe Folk/Rock Sept 13
Briggs, Karen/Jazz in Pink Jazz July
Britain's Finest Beatles Tribute June, July
Brockus: RED Dance July
Brooks, Ray/Blues Masters Blues "missing link" June
Broussard, Jeffery Zydeco August
Brother Joscephus/Love Revolution Soul-Rock August
Brown, Einstein Calypso July
Browne, Jann Band Country July
Bruce, Scot Elvis Tribute June, July
Bubba & the Big Bad Blues Blues July
The Budrows June
Buffet, Jimmy August
Bulldawg Blues Band Blues August
Bumptown Top 40/Latin June, July, Aug, Sept 5, 27
Burnette, Brandyn July
Burning Heart "missing link" July, Aug
Burrell, Kenny Big Band Jazz June
Butler, Donna R&B/Jazz See Fitchett, Mark June
Butler, John Trio "missing link" August
Buyepongo Cumbia July

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Sayings such as this one by Dr. King are etched into the main display area.

CSUF Ensembles Jazz Sept 13
CSUN Jazz Ensembles Jazz August
CSUSB Jazz Ensemble Jazz/Swing Sept 28
The CT Classic Rock "missing link" Sept 14
Cadillac Phil Rockabilly "missing link" July
Caine, Elliott Quintet Jazz June, July, Aug
Cal State LA Symphony Orchestra June
Calhoun, Cynthia Vocalist July
Calico "missing link" July
Caliente Duo Pop/Dance Sept 11
California Guitar Trio Guitars August
California Feetwarmers Eclectic July
California Lions June
California Sun Surf "missing link" August 2
Calistoga Falls August
Cambalache Son Jarocho August
Campbell, Buzz/Hot Rod Lincoln Rockabilly July
Campos, Art DJ "missing link" July, Aug
Candy-O Cars Tribute Sept 1
Capitol Ensemble Chamber Music Sept 28
Cappy's Garage "missing link" August
Captain Cardiac/Coronaries 50s/60s July, Aug
Cara-C Pop Violinist July, Aug, Sept 6, 21, 28
Caravana Latin Fusion June, Sept 27
Carlton, Larry Jazz Sept 18
Carney, Andrew Collective Jazz July
Carrion, Ray/Latin All Stars Latin Jazz July
Cash and Carter Cash/Carter Tribute July, Aug
Cash Up Front Johnny Cash Tribute June, July
Castellanos, Gilbert Quintet Latin Jazz "missing link" August
Castillo, Martin Latin August
Castrillon, Mark Variety July, Sept 6
Castro, Amanda Band Vintage/Latin Jazz June
Cat Fish Junction August
Catch a Wave Beach Boys Tribute August
The Catillacs "missing link" August
Cats With Class Swing band August
Caught A Ghost Modern Soul July
Cauldron Top 40/Funk "missing link" July
Cavin, Paul Oldies/Rock July, Aug, Sept 12
Cayucus July
Centerfold 80s June, July, Aug
Ceora Winds Classical Sept 12
Cerritos College Band(s) Concert, Other Bands July, Sept 22
Cetera, Kenny Chicago Tribute July
Chainsaw Brothers Blues/Jump/Scat June
Chancler, Ndugu Jazz July, Sept 27, 28
Chanel, Ashley Jazz July
Chain, Michael July, Aug 1
Chain Reaction Motown/R&B "missing link" June, Aug
Chapman, Alan Am. Songbook June
Charangoa Cuban Charanga See Orquesta Charangoa June, July, Aug
Charged Particles Jazz Sept 12
Chavos de la Cumbia Central Am. August
Cheers Elephant Pop/Rock August
Chesne, Paul Band June
Chiang, Doris Pianist Sept 7
Chicago Experience Chicago Tribute See Cetera, Kenny July
Chicano Batman Latin Fusion July, August
Chico Latin/Variety July, Aug
Chico's Bail Bonds Blues July, Aug
Childs, Billy Jazz July
City Beat Swing "missing link" Sept 27
Claremont Symphony Orchestra June, July
Clark, Stacy August
Classic Rock Revolution Classic Rock July
Classics 150 "missing link" July
Club 57 Jazz/Blues July
Codigo FN Latin August
Colburn Adult Wind Symphony Wind Symphony August
Cold Duck 70s/Top 40 June, July, Aug, Sept 21
Colley, Craig Patriotic July
Colley, Dean See "Hot August Night" June, July, Aug
Collins, Melony Vocalist "missing link" July
Colour My World Chicago Tribute June
Comanescu, Taso Guitarist July, Aug
Common Sense Reggae June, Aug
Commonwealth Players Classical "missing link" July
Concert on the Green Wind Orchestra Winds July
Conganas Salsa/Latin July, Aug
Conjunto Chappottin y Sus Estrellas Cuban Son July
Conjunto Los Pochos Latin Sept 7, 14
Connor, Michael D. Vocalist "missing link" August
Copper Canyon Band Country June, Aug
Corazon Salvaje Band Latin "missing link" August
Corday Band Pop-Rock/Originals August
Cornerstone Theater Co. Theatrical August
Correa, David/Cascada Latin/World July
Costa, Matt Folk/Rock August
Cougrzz Classic Rock July
The Counselors Surf Sept 14
Country Gone Awry Country August
Country Legends Country June
Country Nation Country July
Country Sounds Country "missing link" July
Cover Me Sept 6
Covina Assembly of God Church Praise July
Covina Concert Band Community Band June, July, Aug, Sept 27, 28
Covina United Methodist Church Praise July
Cowan, Andy Jazz August
Cowbop Cowboy Jazz/Western Aug, Sept 4
crash "missing link" July
Crazy Heart "missing link" June
Creedence Relived CCR Tribute July
Creekwood July
Crimson Crowbar Classic Rock July
Critical Brass Jazz August
Crosstown 2 Blues Sept 20, 21
Crowd Theory July
Crown City Bombers Rockabilly June
Cubensis Grateful Dead Tribute July
Cults July
Cunliffe, Bill Jazz Sept 13
Curl Riders Surf July

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Tiles on the ground surrounding the main platform show a pair of shoes and the name of the person to whom they belong. A plaque on the main platform indicates that the shoes represented in the tiles are a "selection of shoes from the International Civil Rights Walk of Fame collection of Xernona Clayton."

DAV Jazz "missing link" August
DC Babylon/Hanging Gardens Band Jazz/Rock July
DJ Aaron Byrd July
DJ Anne Litt July
DJ Anthony Valadez July
DJ Chris Douridas July
DJ Chris Mulkey July
DJ Dan Wilcox June, Aug
DJ Doc Martin See July
DJ Gary Calamar August
DJ Glenn Red July
DJ Jason Bentley August
DJ Jeremy Sole July, Aug
DJ Jimbo Jenkins July
DJ Lithuanian Prince June
DJ Liza Richardson July
DJ Mario Cotto August 1
DJ Marion Hodges June, July, Sept 11
DJ Marques Wyatt See July
DJ Matt Holzman Sept 4
DJ Mattieu Schreyer July
DJ Munish "missing link" August
DJ Nu-Mark See August
DJ Peter G "missing link" June
DJ Raul Campos July, Aug
DSB Journey Tribute June, July, Aug
D'Arrigo Latin August
The Daddy-Os "missing link" June
Dafra Drum/Dance West African July, Aug
DaKah Hip Hop Orchestra Hip Hop See June
Dakota Classic Rock "missing link" August
Dallas & Doll July, Aug, Sept 27
Dalmacio, Apryle Pop/Rock www.apryledalmacio June, Aug
DaM FunK Funk July
Dani, Jack Rock Review 90s July
Darden Family Gospel "missing link" July
The Dares Alt Rock August
Daversa, John Small Band Jazz August
David and Olivia July, Aug
Davies, Erika Jazz Sept 26
Dawuni, Rocky Afro-Funke July, Aug
Day 26 June
De Castro, Perfecto Guitarist Sept 17
De Clive-Lowe, Mark Electronic August
De Lux July
De Sena, Bob Latin Jazz June, July, Aug, Sept 6
De Silva, Marisa Vocalist July
Dead Sara Rock July
The Dead Ships Sept 20
Dead Man's Party Oingo Boingo Tribute July
Dean, Danny Rockabilly/Swing July
Dean, Darynn Jazz "missing link" July
Decades of Rock Rock Covers "missing link" July
The Decoders Funk/Reggae July
dee-Lightful Productions Musical Theater August
Deep Electronic July
Delgado Brothers Band Blues/Roots August
The Delirians Reggae June
The Delta 88s Classic Rock June, Aug
Dempsey, Bill Sea Chanties Sept 6, 7
Denizens of Jazz Jazz "missing link" Aug
Denson, Karl/Tiny Universe Blues/Roots July
Desmond, Mary Soft Rock August
Desperado Eagles Tribute June, Sept 7
Detour 91 Blues/Rock July
The Devious Means Indie Rock July, Aug
Diamonds and Pearlz "missing link" June
Diaz, Irene Singer-Songwriter July
Diaz, Lucky/Family Jam Band Children's Aug
Diaz Mendez, Faustina Oaxacan "missing link" July
Diaz, Nina Latin July
Dickstein, Marcia Classical June
Dioz, Nina Latin August
The Do-Over July
The Dogs Classic Rock June, Aug
Dominguez, Hector Mariachi Sept 12
Dondria June
Doo Wah Riders Country June, July, Aug
Doobies Inc. Doobie Brothers Tribute July
Dorsey, Charles Project June
Dower, Thom Guitarist "missing link" June
Down the Hatch "missing link" July
Downbeat Express Big Band "missing link" July
Downey Symphony Society Orchestral August
Downtime Groove Variety June
Dr. Wu Steely Dan Tribute June
Dread Zeppelin August
Drexx Cannon R&B/Funk/Soul July, Sept 19
Driscoll, Joe Afro Blues See August
Dub 8 Reggae June
Dublin Public Irish August
Duchicela Andean July, Aug
Duckles, Jason & Andrew Classical "missing link" June, Sept 17
The Duhks Fusion Folk July
The Durgas June
DustBowl Cavaliers Bluegrass June
Dustbowl Revival Folk/Roots August
Dwntwn Sept 20
Dynamite Dawson Soft Rock "missing link" June, Aug
Dynotones Surf Sept 14
Dziubla, Ron Sept 18

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Another shot of the ground tiles (left), and an image of Stevie Wonder's shoes.

EC Twins August
Eid, Joseph August
Eagle Rock Gospel Singers Gospel/Blues See August
Earth Glow Jazz "missing link" July
EarthRise Sound System World/Dance July
East of Lincoln June, July, Aug, Sept 14
Eastern Conference Champions Sept 6
Ebert, Alex July
Echo Park Project Salsa June
EchoCell SynthPop August
Eclipse Rewound 80s July
Eddie & Hush August
Eddie Would Tow Surf June, July
Eddy, Melvin Blues Band Blues June
Edward, Jay Band Blues June
Edwards, Jesse Daniel Sept 6
El Caminos Surf "missing link" August
Electric Rainman June
Electric Society "missing link" July
The Eliminators Surf Sept 14
Elm Street Band Classic Rock July, Aug, Sept 3
Emerald Society Bagpipes Irish July
The Emperors Rock July
Encore Saxophone Quartet Chamber Music "missing link" July
The English Beat Ska/Pop/Dance August
Escape Journey Tribute June, July
Escovedo, Pete Orchestra Latin Jazz July
Espectacular de Beto Jimenez Mariachi July
Ethio-Cali Ethiopian Jazz July
Evora, Cesaria Orchestra Evora Tribute See July
Everyday People Sly Stone Tribute "missing link" June
The Express Band German "missing link" August

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The Fab 8 Acoustic Beatles "missing link" June
The Fabulous UltraTones Dance/Variety "missing link" August
Fain, Tim Violinist June
Faliks, Inna Pianist June
Family Style Variety "missing link" July
Fan Halen Van Halen Tribute August
Fandango ZZ Top Tribute August
Far East Movement August
Farruko Latin "missing link" August
FartBarf July
Fatal 80s 80s Sept 1
Fathers and Suns Rock/Pop Sept 6
Favela, Adriel Latin August
Fayre, Lena August
Fela! Broadway cast Music of Fela Kuti See July
The Fenians Irish July, Aug
Fetter, Nina/The Feds Jazz June
Fichot, Jessica French July
Fielder, Dale Quartet Jazz Sept 5
Fierro, Charles Pianist Sept 24
The Filharmonics A Capella/Doo Wop "missing link" July
Film at Eleven 60s/70s June, July
First Marine Division Band Patriotic August
First Presbyterian Church of Covina Praise July
Fitchett, Mark Blues/Jazz June
Fitzgerald, Kelly Band Pop/Rock June
Flack, Roberta Pop/R&B August
Flame Singers Persian "missing link" July
Flamingo Band "missing link" July, Aug
Flash Mob America Dance July
Flashback Heart Attack 50s Rock June, July, Aug
Flashover July
Flight Risk "missing link" July
Floyd & the Flyboys Funk/Soul June, Aug, Sept 21
Fly Guy R&B Dance Party August
Flying Fish August
Flying Utensils "missing link" Sept 13
Foggy Dew Sea Chanties "missing link" Sept 6, 7
The Folk Collection Americana/Folk July
Folklor Pasion Mexicana Folklorico July
Fool's Gold AfroBeat/Pop August
Foothill Vineyard Church Praise July
Ford, Elaine Songwriter Sept 12, 26
Fortunate Son CCR/Fogerty Tribute June, Aug, Sept 23
The Four Fabs Beatles "missing link" July
The Four Preps Doo Wop July
Fotso, Titus June
Foxx, Amber Rockabilly August
Francis, Joanie/The Boomers June, July, Aug
Frankie & the Pool Boys Surf August
Frankie and Rufus Folk/Rock July, Aug
Franklin, Henry "Skipper" Jazz July
Free Moral Agents July
Freedom Drum Circle Drumming "missing link" June
Freeman, Tricia Band Country/Rock July
Friends R&B "missing link" July, Sept 1
Fret House "missing link" July
Fulbright, John Singer-Songwrtr August
Full Circle Opera Project Student Opera June
Fullerton College Community Band Community Band June, July, Aug
Funk-O-Matics Funk/Disco July, Aug
Funky Hippeez Funk July
Funky Punks Children's June

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Another of Dr. King's sayings included on the main installation platform.

Gal Musette August
Galan, Edmundo See Mariachi Poncitlan July
Galla, Tony Vocalist July
Gara, Etienne Violinist Sept 20
Gardens & Villa Pop August
Garrett, Junko Ueno Pianist July
Garth Guy Garth Brooks Tribute June
Garza, David Latin July
Gates, Jennifer Vocalist See Downbeat Express July
Gauthier, Jeff Goatette JazzPop August
Gazarek, Sara Jazz June
Geissman, Grant Jazz July
Gem City Jazz Cats Big Band August
Ghetto Blaster$ "missing link" Sept 6
Ghost in the Machine Police Tribute June, July
Gilad, Kimaree Oboist August
The Girls Pop/Originals "missing link" August
Give Up the Junk Dance/Jazz June, Aug
Glass, Manny Band Big Band July
Glendale Philharmonic Orchestra June
Glik, Chris June
Glover, Bruce and Gleason, Valerie "missing link" June
Glover, Candice R&B June
GoGo 13 July
Gold, Joseph Violinist June, Sept 27
Gold Rush Country Country July
Goldberg, Mark "Pocket" Roots Sept 25
Golden State British Brass Band Brass Band July, Aug
Good Rockin' Daddy Rock Classics Sept 5
Goren, Ray Jazz July
Grace, Kathleen Jazz Sept 26
Gramm, Lou Vocalist August
Grammer, Andy July
Grand & Western "missing link" August
Greaseland "missing link" July
Great American Swing Band Swing Sept 2
Great Decision Jazz "missing link" July
Greater California . . . June
Grech, Dean August
Green, Herschel Baritone "missing link" July
Green, Trevor "missing link" June
Grey Beret Jazz "missing link" August
Grey, Tini Soul Pop July, Sept 12
Groove Mercenaries Classic Rock "missing link" July
Groove Session Rock/Jazz "missing link" July
Groove Trotters "missing link" August
Grunge Monkeys Stone Temple Pilots Tribute August
Grupo Falso Baiano Latin July
Grupo Folklorico LaRosa Folk Dances "missing link" August
Grupo Folklorico Macias Folk Dances "missing link" August
Grupo Folklorico Mariposa Folklorico "missing link" July
Grupo Folklorico Tzintzuni Folk Dances August
Grupo Los Dreamers Salsa/Latin Pop July
Gutierrez, Alicia "missing link" June, Aug
Gutierrez, Ronnie Latin Jazz July

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Hacienda Music Music School July
The Haden Triplets Country August
Haemil Korean June
Hagen, William Violinist July
Haggins, Michael R&B/Jazz June, Aug
Haiko Municipal Arts Troupe Chinese June
Haley, Lisa/Zydecats Zydeco Aug, Sept 27
Hall, JD Band Jazz June
Hamilton High Jazz Combo Youth Jazz "missing link" July
Hamlin, Griff Blues Sept 6
Hamlin, Jones and IV "missing link" Sept 6
Hansen, Susie Latin Band Latin Jazz/Salsa June, July, Aug, Sept 7
Happy Crowd Children's July
Hard Day's Night Beatles Tribute June, July, Aug
Hard Rain June
Harlis Sweetwater Band Americana August
Harlow, Rosie July, Aug
Harmony 3 Dog Night Tribute July
Harmony Sisters 40s/50s Aug, Sept 27
Harper, Suzanne Country "missing link" July
Harvey, Jack Roberts Band August
The Hats Jazz "missing link" Sept 19
Hawkline Monster July, Aug
Hayes, Otis Quartet Jazz June
He, Bei Bei Chinese "missing link" July
Head, Brian Guitarist Sept 7
Healy, Scott Jazz August
Heart-N-Soul Latin/R&B/Dance June, Aug
Heart Brigade Heart Tribute July
Heart of LA Big Band Big Band "missing link" August
Heart to Heart Heart Tribute August
Hedgehog Swing Gypsy Jazz June, Sept 27
Heffron Drive August
Helix Collective Classical June, Sept 3
The Hellhounds July
Hempstring Orchestra Aug, Sept 26
Henebry, Mike Orchestra Big Band August
Henebry's 1920 Crazy Rhythm Hot Society Orchestra Big Band August
Henry, Shane Singer - Songwriter August
Heritage Oak School Youth Orchestra "missing link" August
Hermanos Herrera Latin Sept 12
High Strung Band Country "missing link" June, Aug
High Tide Surf "missing link" June, July
High-D Boys Folk/Comedy Sept 4
Higher Ground R&B "missing link" August
Highway 61 Revisited Dylan Tribute June
Highway 91 Classic Rock "missing link" July
Hill, Sam Duo Flute/Guitar "missing link" August
Hindsight July
Hip Street Tower of Power Tribute July, Aug
Hite, Amy Guitarist July, Aug
Ho, Chris Band Jazz June
Ho'Aloha Dancers Polynesian "missing link" August
Hobart Ocean August
The Hodads Surf/Beach July, Aug
Holley, Dorian World Beat Soul August
Hollowell Alt Rock June, Aug
Hollywood Combo Blues "missing link" Sept 25
Hollywood Hillbillies Country Aug, Sept 12
Hollywood Stones Rolling Stones Tribute August
Hollywood U2 U2 Tribute July, Aug
The Holophonics August
Hommel, Steve Quartet Jazz "missing link" July
Honey Whiskey Trio July
Hopkins, Dustin Rock/Soul "missing link" August
Hot August Night Neil Diamond Tribute June, July, Aug
Hot Club of Detroit Jazz "missing link" August
Hot Club of LA Gypsy Jazz July
Hot Rod Trio Rockabilly July
Hotel California Eagles Tribute August
Hotsy Totsy Boys 20s July
Hound Dog Dave/Mel-Tones American Roots andthemeltones June
House Party Variety July, Aug
How2 August
Huh, Inyoung Pianist Sept 14
Hula Girls Surf Sept 14
Hunter Hunted Alt Rock Sept 20
Huntington Beach Concert Band Concert Band June, Aug
Hundley, Lindsey July
Hutchins Consort Classical June
Hyland, Bryan Country "missing link" July
Hyperion Outfall Serenaders Dixieland "missing link" July

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An image of the shoes of Tom Joyner (right), and a portion of a plaque on the main installation platform listing some of the national figures of the Civil Rights movement.

Icy Hot Club Gypsy Jazz July
Identity Crisis Top 40 August
In Contempt July
The In Crowd/Storytellers "missing link" August
In The Mixx 90s July
In the Valley Below "missing link" August
Inca Peruvian August
Incendio Flamenco June
Inertia "missing link" June
Insect Surfers Surf Sept 14
Instant Replay 80s/90s "missing link" July
The Intenders Pop/Dance "missing link" August
The Internet July
Intveld, James Rockabilly August
INXS-ive INXS Tribute July
Inzalaco, Tony Jazz "missing link" August
iPalpiti Artists Classical July
Isberto, Mike Trio July, Aug
IsmSkzm Reggae "missing link" July

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J Band "missing link" August
J.E.S. Band Rock June, July, Aug
J. Grizz Band Reggae/Rock June, Sept 19
J&J Soulful Steps Dance Party August
Jabbawockeez Dance August
Jack & Peg "missing link" July
Jackson Family Band Folk/Blues June, July
Jacobs, Eric Acoustic "missing link" July, Aug
Jagger, Merle Country Rock June
Jagwar Ma Electronic August
Jangala Roots Band Reggae June
Jamestown Revival Classic Country July
Jasper, Maia Violinist August
Jay, Jason/King of Clubs "missing link" June
Jazz America Jazz July
Jazz Mikan Trio Jazz July
The Jazzedelics July
Jenny O Songwriter August
Jeremiah Red June, July
Jet Set Quintet Cocktail Swing August
Jetpacks & Laser Guns Jazz June, July
Jimenez, Flaco Latin August
Johnson, Brad Country timeband July
Johnson Trio "missing link" August
Jones, Brian Lynn/Misfit Cowboys Country July, Aug
Jones, Dennis Group August
Jordan, Damien Soft Rock August
Jorgensen, Mikael Electronic August
Jorgenson, John Bluegrass July
The Joshua Tree U2 Tribute July, Aug
Joust Kidding Musicians Pirate Sept 20, 21
Joyce Marie Quartet Jazz July
Jubilate Adult Choir Church Choir June
Jumpin' Joz Swing/Jazz July, Aug
Jumping Jack Flash Rolling Stones Tribute June, July, Aug
Jungle Boogie 70s "missing link" July
Jungle Fire Afro Funk June
Jupiter, Maya July
Just Us "missing link" July

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Kakraba, SK Jazz/Eclectic "missing link" August
Kalama Brothers Hawaiian July, Sept 19
Kan Wakan Orchestral Pop June, Sept 13
Kanan Road July
Kane, Danity July
Kapoor, Vikesh Folk See August
Kasajian, Michelle Aug, Sept 12
Katisse Jazz August
Kelly, Grace Quintet Jazz June
Kelly Rae Band Country June, July, Aug
Kerry, Dani Soul June, Aug
Kid Ramos Roots/Blue See Los Fabulocos July
The Kid & Nic Show Classic American/Swing July
Kiddle Karoo Children's July, Aug
Kidjo, Angelique World June
Killin Time Band Country See Brad Johnson July
Kilaueas Surf August
Kim, Hana Soul Groove Sept 19
Kim-Sutre, Kyung-Hee Harpist "missing link" August
King "missing link" July
King, Evelyn "Champagne" Pop June
King James/Special Men Sept 11
King Kruk Elvis Tribute July
The Kingsmen July
Kiss, Boglarka Flute July
KiT Caribbean "missing link" June
Klaro "missing link" July
Klein, Janet/Parlor Boys 1920s-40s June, Sept 14, 20
The Know-it-Alls "missing link" July
Knyght Ryder 80s July
Kobayashi, Ron Trio Jazz July
Koo, Mia Singer Songwriter July
Koren, Katja June
Koshin Taiko Taiko Drums July
KoTolan Jazz August
Kouyate, Sekou Afro Blues See August
Kramer, Jana July
Kraus, John Sea Chanties Sept 6, 7
Krausse, Eric Classic Rock August
Krechkovsky-Loucks Duo Classical June
Kruse, Dallas June, July
Kubis, Nicole Vocalist "missing link" July, Aug
Kulayd Doo Wop/Motown June, July, Aug

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Images of the shoes of Sammy Davis Jr. (left) and Jesse Jackson Sr. (right).

LA Blue Latin/Rock/R&B June
LA Bluescasters R&B July, Sept 20
LA Collective Reggae "missing link" June
LA Inner City Mass Choir Gospel/Praise July
LA Love Band Funk/Soul August
LA Opera Opera June, Sept
LA Police Swing Band Swing Sept 28
LA Vation U2 Tribute July
LAUSD All-City Jazz Big Band Jazz "missing link" July
LCR Classic Rock August
La Fave, Jimmy Americana July
La Palabra Latin Jazz July
La Resistencia Latin Ska August
La Santa Cecilia Latin Fusion July, Aug, Sept 14
La Sierra Orchestra School Orchestra June
La Sirena/Orquesta Mar de Ashe Salsa/Latin June, July, Aug, Sept 27
La Tourette Jazz Quintet Jazz "missing link" June, July, Aug
Lady & The Tramps Variety "missing link" August
Laguna Flutes Classical June
Laguna Slim "missing link" August
Land, Scott Marionettes July
Lane, Nikki Country August
Lantz, Jack Big Band Big Band/Swing "missing link" July, Aug
Las Cafeteras Latin Alt June, Aug
Las Fenix Latin August
Last Call Classic Rock "missing link" Sept 27
Laterzo, Chris July
Lather, Ben's Orchestra R&B "missing link" August
Latin Express Latin/Top 40 August
Latin Flair Latin "missing link" July
Latin Lowdown Latin August
Latin Society Latin "missing link" June
Lenida, Charles Folk/Jazz "missing link" August
Led Zepagain Led Zeppelin Tribute July, Aug
Led Zepplica Led Zeppelin Tribute August
Lesure, Jacques Jazz July
Letters to Ash June
Legends of Rock Rock June
Lemvo, Ricardo Afro-Latin August
Lentini, Sabrina Pop July, Aug
Leonti, Carson "missing link" August
Les Nubians See August
Let's Go Cars Tribute July
Levy, Philip Violinist June
Lie, Terje Jazz June
Lightnin' Willie/Poor Boys Blues June
Lights Journey Tribute July, Aug
The Likes of Us "missing link" August
Lindley, David Americana July
The Lions Reggae July
Little Brazil Jazz "missing link" August
Little Faith Gospel/Soul August
Little Lies Band Fleetwood Mac Tribute August
Little Willie G Latin/Variety July
The Littlest Birds Americana Sept 25
Live 45 Patriotic "missing link" Sept 11
Live From Earth Pat Benatar Tribute August
Long Beach Community Band Concert Band See Shoreline Winds June, July, Aug
Long Beach Municipal Band Municipal Band July, Aug
Long Run Eagles Tribute June, July
Los Angeles Horn Trio Classical June
Los Angeles Recorder Orchestra Instrumental Sept 21, 28
Los Angeles Symphonic Winds Classical August
Los Fabulocos Mex Roots/Blues featuringkidramos July
Los Obreros del Norte Latin Sept 13
Los Pinguos Argentinian Rock July
Los Pistoleros Latin July, Aug
Los Whateveros Rock June, Sept 26
Loughery, Kate Harpist August
Louise, Jessica Show Tunes Aug, Sept 20
Luciano "missing link" July
Lucky Lloyd/Blues Shockers Blues August
Lucky 7 Mambo Latin August
Luz Rojade San Marcos Central Am. "missing link" August
Lynette Skynyrd Female Lynyrd Skynyrd Tribute July
Lynne, Shelby Country July
Lyris Quartet Classical August
Lythgoe Family Productions Kids' Theater July

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The phrase "walk a mile in my shoes" is etched into the concrete near the street. The shoes aren't part of the official display, but are the "dorothyswebsite" ruby slippers from the home buttons (if you've never seen them, place your cursor over the "Home" link below). Took a picture as a reminder of the visit to the monument.


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