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     Welcome to for Summer 2012, the site's tenth summer. Since we've reached the end of September, I'd like to thank all of you who visited the site this summer and helped set a record number of visits to I hope you continue to come to the site during the rest of the year as well. Please read important information about the return of the Fall/Winter/Spring site in the "For Everyone" section below. (Latest Update: Sept 23)

This site contains a monthly listing of free concerts and music-related events in Orange County and parts of Los Angeles County and the Inland Empire. There are two phases to the site: Fall/Winter/Spring, and the Summer version of the site which is here from June through the end of September. Most of the events listed are offered to the general public or residents of certain cities free of charge. Events in clubs, bookstores, cafes and other similar venues covered elsewhere generally are not included. You can start your visit to the concert listings by clicking on the "Free Concerts" link above. From there you will find directions on how to find concert information. Please take the time to look through some of the other areas of the site as well: read an essay or a poem, view the work of the summer guests or take a look at some of the "Extras" (a few other things you can find for free during the summer). NEVER BEEN TO A SUMMER CONCERT? It's simple . . . pack a picnic dinner or buy a meal at the concert venue, bring a blanket or beach chair (or call the venue to ask about their seating policy), and sit out under the stars and listen to some great music!

FOR EVERYONE: Well, the end of the summer site is a week away. Today's update will be the last update for all concert pages and the "Extras" page. One last item to be added next week will be the fourth and final essay of the summer essay series. ONE IMPORTANT NOTE FOR THIS FALL: As usual, the Fall/Winter/Spring site, in its reduced format, will return on October 1. After "10 Summers," however, I will be taking a bit of a break for the next couple of months to complete a book entitled "Ten Summers: The Story of" The book will include many of the photos, poetry, essays and other works found on the site over the last ten summers, plus some inside information and behind-the-scenes details and background. Lists of concerts will be posted at the beginning of October and November, but there will be no regular updates during those two months. The home page will be re-designed to accomodate the site's Twitter and Facebook postings, and those will be the main source of new information during that time. Thank you for your understanding and patience. And . . . for those of you who always ask, you can still find most of Dorothy's photographs scattered throughout the "Essays" section, and her "Attitude" series of pictures can be found on the City and Art/Poetry links page.

A NOTE ON SUMMER 2012: For the last two to three years, many cities and organizations have been cutting on back summer programs, including concert programs. Although we are very fortunate for the cities and organizations which have been able to continue with their summer concert traditions, none of the series cancelled since 2009 have returned. Things were beginning to look up at the end of last summer, but many cities/venues using redevelopment revenue as a source for arts projects lost that funding in 2012. As a result, some summer programs have been cut again this year. As has been the case for several years now, many of the concerts and other activities taking place (movies, etc.) are able to continue only through the generous support of program sponsors. I cannot stress how important it is to support and thank all the sponsors of these programs, whether they are cities, community organizations or area businesses.

•  Guests - Each year special guests/artists are invited to display works which either express or interpret the summer theme. The site generally includes the works of guest poets, painters, photographers, sculptors, and other artists on a space-available basis. Many thanks to all the 2012 Guests. This year's guest artists' works can be found on the "All Cities By Date" concert page, the "Guest Poet" page, the "All Cities By City" concert page, and the "Concerts By Music" page. Read more about all of them on the "Guests" page.

•  Featured Artists - Featured Artists are musicians or concert series drawn from the summer concert performances. Two Featured Artists are named each month, one for the first half of the month and one for the second half. The "Featured Artists" section is now complete for 2012. A warm thanks to all the artists who appeared on the site this summer!

•  Social Media - The Twitter page for the site has been available for quite some time. Several of you have requested a Facebook page, however, so one has been added for this summer. The site's official Facebook page is Facebook and Twitter links have been added to most of the pages this year, so please "Like" the site on Facebook, and follow the site on Twitter!

•  Concert Listings and Updates - Although many cities have already made their summer concert information available, some cities and organizations do not release that information until the middle of June or the end of the month. There is still plenty of new information coming in. Regular weekly updates take place on Sunday nights (in the summer, weekly updates move from Thursday to Sunday night). For those of you who have been here before and are just checking in to see what's new, you can use the links below to go directly to your favorite concert page:

All Cities By City                                          All Cities By Date
Los Angeles County By City                     Los Angeles County By Date
Orange County By City                               Orange County By Date
Inland Empire By City                                 Inland Empire By Date

•  2012 Theme - "Animal Magnetism"

     When the site was first started in 2003, there was no way of knowing how the site would evolve, or that the concert pages would come to be as popular as they have become today. In 2012, celebrates its tenth summer -- ten summers of music and more! This year's theme is "Animal Magnetism."

     Animals have a curious way of drawing us in - sometimes with nothing more than a simple look or a rub against a leg. They are part of our lives in so many ways -- from pets and companions at home to awe-inspiring creatures in the wild. They have been a part of humans' lives throughout history, something acknowledged at an event at which many of the main page pictures were taken: the annual "Blessing of the Animals" on Olvera Street in downtown Los Angeles. This summer's theme offers a look - part serious, part light-hearted - at animals in the world around us, but with a subtext for us humans, too. Just what is attraction anyway?

     Horses also are animals with a long and enduirng link to humans. The horse pictured on this page is of a Chinese carving dating from between 1644 and 1911 which depicts one of the animals of the Chinese zodiac, based on original works dating back from between 1050 and 771 B.C. You'll find more information about the animals of the Chinese zodiac on the site's Essay pages. On the site's Guests page you'll also find a fresco prominently depicting horses created during the federal Works Project Administration era -- a fresco with a very interesting link to music!

ONE FINAL THOUGHT ON THE CONCERTS: All of the concerts in the listings are free to the general public, and there are some truly outstanding programs. However, many of the groups and organizations sponsoring these concerts incur substantial costs in bringing them to you year after year. This year several concert support organizations had to begin charging a ticket price for entry to the performances. Donations which allow them to continue their tradition of bringing quality music to the general public at no chargeare appreciated.

. . . AND ONE REQUEST FOR VISITORS: Survey forms are sometimes passed out at concerts/event venues, and the question "How did you hear about this event?" is often asked. If you are attending an event you found on this site and receive such a form, it would be much appreciated if you let them know that you found the information on Thank you!


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