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     The Links page has grown tremendously with the number of venues added to the listings and the number of artists appearing at the concerts. Several years ago it was the most slowly-loading page on the site. As a result, it was split into three sections. The first section contains links to the cities/venues hosting the concerts, as well as a small list of art and poetry links. The second section is a list of band links for the letters "A" through "L," and the third section is a list of band links for the letters "M" through "Z." Some cities/venues do not release their concert information until well into June or later (especially for series in August and September), so the Links section is continually updated during the summer as information is received. Click on a link below to go to one of the three sections.

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     The 1958 Expo in Brussels was the first major World's Fair after the end of World War II (only a smaller one was held in Port-Au-Prince, Haiti in 1949). The picture here, courtesy of the Atomium, shows the Atomium and surrounding area today. The Atomium ( was renovated between 2004 and 2006. It houses permanent and temporary exhibits, a restaurant, panoramic viewpoints, and areas for private events. The Atomium guidebook shows that the facility has about 2,300 visitors each day and 600,000 visitors a year.


* * PLEASE NOTE: Band links are added to the section on a continuing basis and updated throughout the summer, and "missing links" are filled in as websites are located. There are still many more names to be added and shows to be included. If you don't find the information you're looking for, please send an e-mail message to the site or try back a little later! * *

    The information included in the section is in the following format: artist or band name, type of music, website/link and date(s) of performance(s). Details for concerts dates are included in the listings during the current month. All listings are alphabetical, and you can click on a letter below or scroll down the page to view the entire section of band links. Any information on band links which have not been located ("missing link") is appreciated.

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     This year marks the 50th Anniversary of the signing into law of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Earlier this summer a ribbon-cutting was held for the only monument in Los Angeles dedicated to the Civil Rights Movement. The public artwork sits in two places in the Baldwin Hills area separated by a mile, one at the intersection of Rodeo Road and Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard, and the other at the intersection of Rodeo Road and Jefferson Boulevard. The part of the public artwork depicted below is of the installation at Rodeo Road and Jefferson Boulevard. It focuses on local heroes of the Civil Rights Movement. The other, at Rodeo Road and MLK, Jr. Boulevard, focuses on national leaders of the Civil Rights Movement.

     A tile mounted on the main portion of the artwork reads as follows: Walk a Mile in My Shoes (2014) is a public artwork by Kim Abeles and commissioned by the City of Los Angeles, Department of Cultural Affairs and Department of Public Works. "You can't really understand another person's experience until you've walked a mile in their shoes," is an American Indian saying, with variations known in many cultures. Located along the corridor of Rodeo Road, book-ended by Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard on the east and Jefferson Boulevard on the west, the artwork speaks of inspiration, empathy and "walking" as forward movement. This site [meaning the Rodeo/MLK, Jr. site] features the shoes of participants of the civil rights marches, colleagues of Dr. King, and a replica of his shoes. At the Jefferson/Rodeo site, the photographic tiles include shoes belonging to local leaders in Los Angeles, and show the many forms of community building that are possible for each of us. You can find out more about this project at the website

Continue scrolling down the page to view the photographs. Other images can be found on the "Band Links A - L" page.

M80s 80s "missing link" June
MK Band "missing link" July
The MP3s Soft Rock "missing link" June
MLK Jr. High School Band School Band "missing link" June
MacNeil, Robert Tenor August
Mad & Mack June
Madlib "missing link" July
Magee, Bill Band Blues July, Aug
Magic Man July
Magness, Janiva Blues June
The Magnetix See June
Magnolia Memoir Pop/Soul/Alt August
Maika, Danny Blues July
Main Street Band Big Band/Swing "missing link" July
Mambop July
Mancini, Nick Trio Jazz June, Aug
Mann, Janis Jazz August
Mansfield, Darrell Blues/Soul August
Mariachi El Aventurero Mariachi July
Mariachi Conservatory Mariachi June
Mariachi Divas All-Female Mariachi June, July, Aug, Sept 12
Mariachi Juvenil Mariachi "missing link" July
Mariachi Halcones de Jalisco Mariachi "missing link" July
Mariachi Poncitlan Mariachi "missing link" July
Mariachi Reyna de Los Angeles All-Female Mariachi June, July, Aug
Mariachi Tesoro de San Fernando Mariachi July
Mariachi Voz de America Mariachi June
Marina Del Rey Summer Symphony Classical July, Aug
Mark, Duane Country/Folk June
Marley's Ghost Bluegrass June
Marquez, Daniel Tatita Latin See Cambalache August
Marsh, Kathy Flute orchestra July
Martin, Becky Vocalist "missing link" July
Martin, Kim Band August
Martin, Scott Latin Soul Band Latin Soul Jazz June, Aug
Masanga Marimba Ensemble African June
Master Blaster Sound System Latin system August
Masters of Harmony Barbershop July
Matthews, Dave Experience Dave Matthews Tribute July
Maverick, Mark DJ "missing link" June, July, Aug, Sept 5
McClure, Maggie Songwriter August
McKay, Al Allstars Earth, Wind & Fire August
McNamara, Ray Steel Drums August
McQueen, Annie August
Memphis, Danny 50s/60s Rock July
Mendoza, Sergio/La Orkestra August
Metcalf, Kenny Elton John Tribute June
Merriweather, Rex Big Band/Swing June
Metalachi Metal/Mariachi August
Mexico 68 August
Michael, Raymond Elvis Tribute June, July, Aug
Michael SG Singer & Guitarist July, Sept 13
Michaud, Art DJ "missing link" July, Aug
Midnight Whiskey Blues/Rock August
The Mighty Burnt Bacon Soul August
Mighty Cash Cats Johnny Cash Tribute July
Mighty Joaquins Country "missing link" July
Mike B K-Pop/Hip Hop August
Mikkelsen, Sven "missing link" July
Mila J R&B June
Miller, Andrea Jazz "missing link" July
Miller, Glen Orchestra Big Band August
Miller, Molly Guitarist-Singer June, Aug
Miner Folk Rock See August
Mira Costa Jazz Band High School Band June
Miranda, Roberto Band Jazz "missing link" Sept
Mischief Band "missing link" July
Miskey Mountain Boys Bluegrass July
Misplaced Priorities Classic Rock June
Missing Persons Information Society "missing link" July
Mister G Children's August
Mitchell, Billy Jazz July
Mongorama Latin Jazz See Rizo, Jose June, July, Aug
Montero, Julio/Far South Trio Latin July
Moock, Alstair Children's August
Moona Luna Children's June
Moonlight Express Big Band bigband July
Moonsville Collective American Roots August
Moore, Josh Guitarist "missing link" August
Mora, Dean Swing Aug, Sept 21
Moraes, Katia Brazilian Samba August
The Moraga Band Latin/Variety June, July, Aug
More, Yari Salsa August
Moreira, Arito/Eyedentity Afro-Brazilian See June
Moreno, Karly July, Sept 20
Morrison, Adriana Soprano Sept 288
Morrison, Barbara Jazz June, July
Morrison, Sam Band Southern Rock June, Aug
Moshav Jewish July
Mrs. Jones Revenge August
Mrs. Robinson's Decades Multi Tribute July
Mukul, Angela Pop/Soul August
My Hawaii July
Myron & E Funk/Soul August
Mystic Braves July, Aug

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This stone slab with the saying of Martin Luther King Jr. is part of the main sculpture at the entrance to traffic island (depicted in the photograph above). Other panels to the left and right of the saying include tiles of a six-part poem written by Beverly Lafontaine for "Walk a Mile." Two parts of the poems, one of which is pictured further down this page, also are included as tiles on a bench along the walkway.

N'Demand Pop/Dance "missing link" August
Nathalie "missing link" June
Nation, Jewels/Johnny June
The Neil Deal Neil Young Tribute June, Sept 1
Nelson, Jimi/Drifting Cowboys Country June, July, Aug
Nelson, Lukas August
Neon Nation 80s June, July, Aug
New Caribbean Steel Drum caribbean/... June
New Valley Symphony Orchestra June
Nicole, Megan July
Night Blooming Jazzmen Dixieland Jazz July, Aug, Sept 20
Night Tides Surf August
Night Train Music Rock/Folk& Blues "missing link" July
Niles, Steven Pianist August
Nilu Classical "missing link" June
No Age Punk July
No Duh No Doubt Tribute June
Noche Flamenca Flamenco "missing link" July
Nocturnes Surf June
Noel, Cecilia Sal-Soul July
Nolan, Tom Band R&B/Soul June, July, Aug
North Mississippi AllStars "missing link" August
North Side Jazz Collective Jazz "missing link" August
Number Nine Beatles Tribute August
Nunez, Carlos Celtic July

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O Sole Trio Variety July
OK Go Pop Rock Sept 4
The Occasions "missing link" August
Ochoa, Helen Latin August
Of Eyes That See June
Off the Wall Classic Rock "missing link" July
Ohio Trio Plus Motown/R&B "missing link" July, Aug
The Old Fashioned Top 40 "missing link" June
Olympia Youth Orchestra Classical June
Omega String Quartet Classical "missing link" August
One Way Ticket Rock June, Sept 20
Ontario Chaffee Community Show Band Community Band June, July, Sept 25
Opa Opa Salsa June, Aug, Sept 20
Open Hands Jazz "missing link" July
Orange County Wind Ensemble Wind Ensemble "missing link" June
Orange Empire Barbershop Chorus Barbershop June
The Orchestra ELO Members July
Orchestre de Bellville See August
Original Sacrifice June
The Original Wailers Reggae August
The Originalites July
Orozco, Jose Luis Children's August
Orquesta Charangoa Cuban Charanga June, July, Aug
The Other Brothers Rock "missing link" June, Aug, Sept 13
Outerwave Surf June
Oy!Stars Klezmer July
Ozomatli Latin Alt June

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Each of the pedestals bordering the walkway are dedicated to a particular local Civil Rights leader.

PCH Band 70s "missing link" June
Pacheco, Raul Latin See Ozomatli August
Pacific Coast Highway Light Rock "missing link" July
Pacific Mambo Orchestra Salsa/Latin Jazz "missing link" August
Pacific Rose Country "missing link" July
Pacific Symphony Orchestra July
Palkovich, Tony Group Jazz "missing link" July
Panjive Trio Steel Drum June
Panoptica Orchestra Electro Acoustic "missing link" June
Papa July
Papafish July
Paperback Writer Beatles Tribute July, Aug
Partly Jack Band Covers June, Aug
The Party Animals Children's July
Pasadena Community Orchestra Classical June
Pasadena Summer Youth Chamber Orchestra Classical "missing link" July
Pasadena Symphony Classical for Children June
Past Action Heroes 80s "missing link" June, Aug
Paula, Leslie Jazz June
Paxson, Sunnie Trio Jazz July
Payne, Brent Country August
Peacefrog Doors Tribute Sept 1
Peake, Don Jazz Quartet Jazz "missing link" August
Peaking Lights July
Peanut Butterwolf DJ See July
Peet, Wayne Trio Jazz "missing link" August
Pennyroyal Players Americana "missing link" July
The People "missing link" June
Peralta, Mike Acoustic/Alt Aug, Sept 19
The Perfect Gentlemen A Capella July
Perry, Lee "Scratch" Reggae/Dub "missing link" August
Person to Person Top 40 August
Peters, Bernadette Singer August
The Petty Breakers Tom Petty Tribute July, Aug
Petty Theft Tom Petty Tribute June, July
The Pharoahs Reggae "missing link" July
Phat Cat Swinger Vegas Swing June, July
Pheasant Pluckers "missing link" Sept 27
Phoenix Rising Classic Rock "missing link" July
Pike, Anastasia Classical "missing link" August
Pine Mountain Logs Originals See August
Pistolera Latin Alt See June
Placentia Symphonic Band Comm. Band July
Platinum Rock Stars Rock Legend Tribute July
Play the Groove Jazz "missing link" July
Playback 60s-80s July
Playing for Change World "missing link" June
Plaza de la Raza Ensemble Latin Jazz "missing link" August
The Pleasuretones Blues/Jazz August
Polanco, Johnny Salsa August
Pop Gun Rerun 80s "missing link" July
Pop Rock Academy Music School "missing link" June
Pop Vinyl Pop "missing link" July
Pope, Cassadee Singer July
Power of Sol Beatles Music "missing link" June
Porkchop Tom Blues "missing link" July
Pretzel Logic Steely Dan Tribute June, Aug
Prime Society Music "missing link" July
Project 46 "missing link" July
Promenade Players "missing link" June
Psyche! Big Band August
Psycho Punx "missing link" June, Sept 26
Puentes, Adonis Orchestra Cuban/Mambo July
PUorto, Shari Band Blues/Rock Sept 1
Pure Play July
Pyromania Def Leppard Tribute July, Sept 16

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There are no dead ends along the path. The path continues until the viewer once again reached the point of entry to the facility.

Quantum Energy June
Queen Nation Queen Tribute June, Aug
Quetzal Latin Alt/Rock July, Aug
Quincy Jones Elem. School Combo Youth Jazz "missing link" July

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RSVP Cool Jazz "missing link" June, July
Radiotron Hip Hop/Dance July
Rancho Cucamonga Community Band Concert Band "missing link" June
Random Youth Band "missing link" July
Ranelin, Phil Sextet Jazz August
Rattle the Knee Irish "missing link" June
RaVaughn June
Ravel, Freddie Latin Jazz June
The Ravelers Classic Rock July
Ray/Rhythm Beat Band Motown www.rayandtherhythmbeat June, July
Rayner, Michael Juggling Show "missing link" June
Razciel, Sandro Pop "missing link" Sept 12
Reasons Be "missing link" July
Red Headed Stranger Willie Nelson Tribute redheadedstranger... August
Red Not Chili Peppers Red Hot Chili Peppers Tribute July, Aug
Redd Street R&B/Dance "missing link" June, July, Aug
Redlands Symphony Orchestra August
Reef Riders Surf "missing link" July
The Reflexx 80s July
Reklaw, Derf Jazz "missing link" July
Remixified Variety "missing link" July
Renea, Tahera "missing link" June
Renown Muzic Dance/Pop June, July, Aug
Retro Rockers Classic Rock "missing link" June
Retro Soul Variety July, Aug
Retro Station Dance "missing link" June
Retros "missing link" July
Reventlos Surf July
Reznik, Yana Pianist "missing link" August
Rhythm Child Children's July
Richardson, Todd Quartet Jazz "missing link" July
Ridgway, Stan Songwriter August
Ring of Fire Johnny Cash Tribute "missing link" July
The Rising Springsteen Tribute June
Ritmo X Latin "missing link" June
River Road Country "missing link" June
Rivera, Anthony/Raining Horseshoes Country July
Rivera, Scarlet Jazz scarletriveramusic August
Riverboat Dixie Jazz Band Dixieland August
Riverside Mustangs 50s/60s "missing link" July
Riverside Swing Ensemble Swing "missing link" July
Rizo, Jose Latin Jazz June, July, Aug
Roberts, Marcus Trio Americana "missing link" August
Robinson, Fleming Latin "missing link" July
Rock Stars of Tomorrow Music School "missing link" August
The Rockabillys Rockabilly July, August
Rockola "missing link" August
Rockstars Academy Music School "missing link" June
Rodeo Revival Band Country "missing link" August
Rodriguez, Dr. Bobby Latin Jazz June, July
Rodriguez, Reyes Latin Alt "missing link" August
Rolie, Gregg Quartet Rock August
The Roll Models July
Ronny and the Classics Classic Rock July, Sept 5
Ronstadt, Marisa "missing link" July
Roode, Gina Guitarist-Singer August
Rootz, Bennie "missing link" June
Rosa, Daniel Pop "missing link" July
Rosales, David "missing link" August
Rose, Pamela American Songbook June
Ross, Jimbo Blues June, July, Aug
Roth, Nancy Violinist "missing link" August
Rotolo, Timothy Pianist "missing link" July, Aug
Roussos, Theodosia Chamber/Folk "missing link" August
Ruela, Fidel Latin "missing link" August
Rumours Fleetwood Mac Tribute July
Rushen, Patrice Jazz July
Rushingwind Project Native American June, July, Aug
Ryan, Will/Cactus Country Cowboys Country "missing link" August
Ryche, C.G. World Music June, July

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This pedestal is dedicated to former Los Angeles Mayor Tom Bradley. The top of the pedestal (pictured above left) contains the image of one pair of that person's shoes, as will as a tile plaque with further information about the individual.

Saddleback Valley Chorale Choral Group July
Sagal, David Jazz Quintet Jazz "missing link" June
Saguaro Sisters Country See Ryan, Will July
Saint Andrew's Choir Church Choir June
Saleh, Reza August
Salsa Caliente Salsa July
Samba N Motion Brazilian "missing link" July
San Bernardino Symphony Orchestra June, July
San Clemente High Jazz Band Student Band "missing link" June
San Dimas High Band Student Band "missing link" June
Sanchez, Jonathan Latin "missing link" August
Sanchez, Lorenzo Pianist "missing link" August
Sanchez, Nancy "missing link" August
Sanchez, Poncho Latin Jazz July, Aug, Sept 21
Sangria Latin/Top 40 July
Sapadilla Island/Reggae August
Sara, Kenny New Orleans Jazz "missing link" July
Savor Santana Tribute August
Schiesch, Annaliese Pop/Folk "missing link" August
Schlosberg, Daniel Pianist "missing link" June
School of Rock Music School "missing link" June, Aug
Scott, Hunter Songwriter "missing link" August
Segovia, Esther Argentinian June
Seiler, Gary/Coast Riders Jimmy Buffet Tribute June
Seldon, Rory "missing link" July
Sensation Show Band Variety "missing link" August
Session, Mekala Jazz "missing link" July
Session, Michael Sextet Jazz "missing link" July, Sept 1
Seymali, Noura Mint Arab/African July
Sgt. Pepper Beatles Tribute "missing link" June, July, Sept 6
Sgt. Peppers Beatles Tribute July
Shades R&B "missing link" August
Shades of Blue Diverse Blues July
Shades of LA Rock/Blues "missing link" July
Shakey Pete/Fault Line August
Shallow 90s "missing link" June
Shaw, Aaron Jazz "missing link" July
Shea, Rick/Losin' End Alt Country August
Sheldon, Rich Band Rock "missing link" July
Shine and the Moonbeams Children's "missing link" August
Shockley, Matt Singer June, July, Aug
The Shoe "missing link" July
Shoppy August
Shorecliffs Jazz Band School Band "missing link" June
Showkillers Reggae/Soul July
Shpachenko, Nadia Pianist "missing link" August
Shrake, Nathan Classic Rock August
Sidi, Sebastian Pianist June, July, Aug
Silk Road World/Korean August
Silverado Bluegrass Bluegrass "missing link" July, Aug
The Silverados Country July, August
Simon, Robert Flamenco Guitar Aug, Sept 27
Simpson, Sturgill Country July
Sinclair, Paul "missing link" July
Sitarason Salsa July, Aug
Six Appeal A Capella "missing link" July
Skelly, Craig Surf See Curl Riders July
Skinny Little Twits Classic Rock July, Aug
Slacktone Surf June
Sligo Rags Celtic/Folk July, August
Smith, Richard Jazz/Guitar August
Smoggy Mtn. String Band "missing link" August
The Smokin' Cobras Oldies June, July, Aug
Smooth Santana Tribute July, Aug
Smooth Response "missing link" July
Smooth Touch Top 40 July
Smoothie Jones Reggae "missing link" July
Snow, Ty Gospel "missing link" July
Sofia, Raquel Latin "missing link" August
Solid Ray Woods 60s August
Son Cache Salsa August
Son Mayor Salsa/Latin Jazz August
Sonora Santanera Central Am. "missing link" August
Sonsoles Latin Fusion July
Soto Latin/Funk July, Aug
Soul Deep R&B/Soul "missing link" Aug, Sept 20
Soul Sacrifice Santana Tribute June, July
Soul Shot "missing link" July
Souleyman, Omar "missing link" July
Sound FX Jazz/R&B/Dance June, Sept
Soundbytes Variety July, Sept 5
South Bay AllStars August
South Bay Country Country "missing link" July, Aug
Southbound Classic Rock July, Aug
Southern Caliber Country July, Aug
Southern Calif. Philharmonic Orchestra June
Southland Band Country Rock June
Southland Megagroove July
Southland Opera Musical Theater August
Space Oddity David Bowie Tribute June
Spacious Vision Visual Chamber Music "missing link" June
Spazmatics 80s/New Wave August
The Split Rock/Blues "missing link" June
Soulville Dance "missing link" June
Springsteen Bruce Springsteen Tribute August
St. John's Festival Orchestra Orchestra June
Star 80s 80s July
Stardust Ramblers Rockabilly "missing link" July
State Prism Jazz/Rock "missing link" August
Steel Rollin' June
Steele, Janie/Pacific Electric July
Steele, Whitney July
Steely Jam Steely Dan Tribute Sept 17
Stein, Paul Violinist June
Stepping Feet Dave Matthews Tribute August
Sterling Sylver Band Country "missing link" July, Aug
Stereoflux Rock July, Aug, Sept 19
Steve Songs Children's July
Stipp, Neil Organist July
Stodart, Brian "missing link" June
Stone Soul Motown/Soul June, July, Aug
Stoneback, Rob Jazz July
Story, Dexter Jazz August
Street Corner Renaissance A Capella "missing link" June
Stump, Katie Inspirational June
Suave Latin/Salsa June, July, Aug
Subsuelo Latin Fusion June
Sullivan Hall Band R&B "missing link" July
Sullivan, Tom/Dixieland Band Dixieland Jazz "missing link" August
Sun, Olivia Jing Chinese "missing link" July
Sun Rai Soul/Pop "missing link" August
Sunburst Band "missing link" August
Sunshine Generation Children's "missing link" June
Super Freaks "missing link" July
Supercave, James "missing link" July
The Supergroovers July
Superlark Classic Rock July, Aug
Supertones Surf "missing link" August
Surf City AllStars Surf/Beach July
Surf Coasters Surf "missing link" August
The Surf Kings Surf "missing link" June
Surf's Up Beach Boys Tribute "missing link" July
Surfin' Beach Boys Tribute "missing link" June, July, Aug
Survivor Rock "missing link" August
Suspect Classic Rock "missing link" July
Sutre, Guillaume Violinist August
Suzuki, Jacqueline Violinist "missing link" June
Svrcek, Susan Pianist "missing link" June
Swing Cats Big Band Big Band/Swing July, Aug
Swing Kings Swing July, Aug
Swingin' 8 Balls Rockabilly July
Sycamore Creek Folk June
Symphonic Winds of the Pacific Concert Band July
Szpakiewicz, Marek Cellist "missing link" August

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The image above left is a tile from a bench within the installation. The fourth portion of the six-part poem by Beverly Lafontaine is shown here. Also, the picture on the right above shows one of the "Walk a Mile in My Shoes" inscriptions written in the cement walkway.

TJR Trio June, July
TJ Rox "missing link" July
The Tamlins Reggae "missing link" June
Tap Chicks Sr. Group June
Tapestry Carole King Tribute "missing link" July
Tassi, Tommy/Authentics 50s-60s Classics July, Aug
Tauber, Philip Jazz See Jazz Mikan Trio July
Tavanna's Wicky Wacky Wahines Polynesian July
Taylor Made James Taylor Tribute August
Taylor, Mike Trio Jazz/Rock "missing link" Aug, Sept 5
Tease Band Latin/Variety August
Technopagan Electronic "missing link" July
Ted Z/Wranglers Country/Rock "missing link" June
Teebs Band Expt'l Jazz "missing link" July
Tequila Worms Surf July
Terraplanes Blues "missing link" August
Texas Jackhammer Country "missing link" July
Thief Rock Band Rock July
Thierry, Andre/Zydeco Magic Zydeco July
Thin Ice Contempo.Rock August
Thompson, Ethan Folk/Pop "missing link" June
Thompson, Richard Folk/Rock "missing link" July
Three Hour Tour Band Rock "missing link" August
Three Mo' Tenors Tenors "missing link" August
Three Mustaches Pop "missing link" August
Ticket to Ride Beatles Tribute "missing link" June
Tierra Blanca Latin Dance August
Tijuana Dogs Classic Rock June
Tillotsen, Johnny Country "missing link" July
Time Bomb 70s/80s Rock August
Tina Michelle/Rhinestone Cowboys Country "missing link" June, July
Tizer, Lao Jazz/World June, July
The Tokens Doo Wop July
Tomasina Rock "missing link" July
Tonic "missing link" July
The Topics July
Torres, Elsten Latin "missing link" July
Torres, Francisco Group Jazz "missing link" July
Touch of Polynesia Polynesian "missing link" July
The Tramps Jazz "missing link" June
Traveling Homeboys August
Trible, Dwight Jazz August
Trio Ellas Contemp. Mariachi August
The Trip Classic Rock June
Tristana Trio Classical "missing link" June
Triumph of the Wild Boy "missing link" July
True Willie Willie Nelson Tribute June, July
Tunney, Adam/5 Punch Combo Swing "missing link" August
Turn the Page Seger Tribute June

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This particular pedestal is dedicated to labor leader Cesar Chavez. The top of the pedestal (pictured above right) contains the image of one pair of that person's shoes, as will as a tile plaque with further information about the individual.

UCLA Camarades Classical June
UCLA Music Ensembles Jazz/Big Band/World June
UCR Chamber Singers Classical June
US Air Force Band of the Golden West Variety "missing link" July
USC Thornton School Ensembles Classical & Jazz Aug, Sept 18, 19, 28, 29
Ultimate Oldies Oldies/Tributes "missing link" July
Under Construction Top 40 "missing link" July
Undercover Live Covers July
UnderCoverGirls Classic Rock June, July, Aug
Undermine "missing link" June
Unleashed "missing link" July
The Untouchables "missing link" August
Upground Latin Ska July
Upstream Caribbean/Soca June, July, Aug, Sept 11
Urban Extreme Pop "missing link" July

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Valley Winds "missing link" July, Aug
Vanhauwaert, Steven Pianist August
Vanity Fair Top 40 "missing link" August
Vargas, Andy/Souleros Latin "missing link" August
Vaud and the Villains Cabaret/Jazz July
Velichkin, Maksim Cellist "missing link" July
Venice Originals July
Verde Perf. Arts School Youth Groups "missing link" July
Verdell "missing link" June
Verheyen, Carl Band Folk/Country Sept 19
Very Be Careful Columbian/Cumbia June
Vietti, Josh Violinist July
The Vinyl Number Rock "missing link" June, Aug
Vitale, Mike June
Voice of ONE Gospel Singers Praise "missing link" June
The Volcanics Surf Sept 28
Voodoo Groove Blues/Rock/Funk "missing link" July

Wagner, Cliff/Old No.7 Blues June
Wainwright, Loudon III Americana "missing link" July
Wakan, Kan June, Sept 13
Walker, Charles Band "missing link" July
The Walking Phoenixes Johnny Cash Tribute August
Wallace, Alice Folk July
Walker, Nancy Celeste Country Tribute "missing link" August
Wansley, Chuck Jazz "missing link" June
Wanted Bon Jovi Tribute July
Warehouse One "missing link" July
Wartime Radio Revue 40s/Swing July
Washington, Kamasi Jazz July, Aug, Sept 28
Waters Pop "missing link" June
Watrous, Bill Jazz July
Watson, Summer "missing link" August/FONT>
Watts, Ernie Quartet Jazz June
Weisman, Sydney Jazz "missing link" August
Weller, Mark Trio "missing link" June, Aug
Wells, Tyrone "missing link" July
The West Country "missing link" August
West LA Children's Choir Youth Choir "missing link" July
West, Stan R&B July
West Swell Reggae July
Western Standard Time Ska August
Westside Jazz Ensemble Big Band "missing linK" June, Aug
Wexler, Judy Jazz July
The Whatever Band June, Aug
Wheeland Brothers Rock/Reggae Aug 28
Wheelhouse "missing link" July
When in Rome "missing link" July
When Pigs Fly British Folk June
Which One's Pink Pink Floyd Tribute June, Aug
Whiskey Hayride Country/Rock "missing lin" July, Sept 26
Whiskey Shivers Americana July
White Hinterland "missing link" August
Who's Your Daddy? A Capella July
The Wicked Tinkers Celtic July
Wild Pack of Canaries "missing link" July
Williams, Larry O. Jazz July, Aug
Wilson, Brad August
Wilson, Gerald Orchestra Jazz wilson July
Wilson, Jonathan Folk/Rock "missing link" July
Windy Ridge Bluegrass August
Wiseguys Big Band Machine Big Band/Swing June, July, Aug
Wilson, Lily Folk/Pop "missing link" July
Whyte, Scott Classic Rock "missing link" August
Wolfe, Gregory Rod Stewart Tribute August
Wondem Band Funk/Soul "missing link" August
Wood, Capt. Mark Funk/R&B "missing link" June
Wood, Mark Band July
Wood, Mark/Parrot Head Band Jimmy Buffet Tribute June
Woodard, Rickey Sextet Jazz "missing link" July
Woodie & the Longboards Surf/Beach Boys July
Working Poets Variety July, Aug, Sept 5
World Tour Rock Legends Rock Show June, July
Wreck and Sow Country "missing link" July
Wynonna/Big Noise Country August

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The traffic island at Rodeo Road/Jefferson Bouelvard in LA.

Xtreme Purpose Choir Gospel "missing link" July

Yard Sale Variety June, Aug
Yesterday & Today Beatles Tribute August
Yiddish Tango Club Yiddish Fusion August
York, Jennifer Quartet Jazz July
Young Dubliners Celtic Rock August
Young, Gregg/2nd Street Band Variety July
Young Guns 80s "missing link" July
Youngstrom, Kenny Guitarist "missing link" July
Yuna R&B/Pop/Variety July, Sept 6

The Zippers Variety "missing link" June
The Zombies Pop "missing link" August
Zoolalian, Linda Pianist "missing link" June
Zoom B Eclectic "missing link" June
Zydeco Party Band Zydeco "missing link" June

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