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     Over the years the Links page has grown tremendously with the number of venues added to the listings and the number of artists appearing at the concerts. In 2008, it was the most slowly-loading page on the site. As a result, it has been split into three sections. The first section contains links to the cities/venues hosting the concerts, as well as a small list of art and poetry links. The second section is a list of band links for the letters "A" through "L," and the third section is a list of band links for the letters "M" through "Z." Some cities/venues do not release their concert information until well into June or later (especially for series in August and September), so the Links section is continually updated during the summer as information is received. Click on a link below to go to one of the three sections.

•  CITY AND ART/POETRY LINKS  •           •  BAND LINKS A - L  •           •  BAND LINKS M - Z  •


From March 16, 2012 through September 30, 2012 the Smithsonian American Art Museum will be hosting an exhibition called The Art of Video Games. The exhibition will explore the 40-year evolution of video games as an artistic medium, with a focus on striking visual effects, the creative use of new technologies, and the most influential artists and designers. Earlier this year, the museum/exhibit website offered participants a chance to vote for games to be included in the exhibit. Participants were able to vote for 80 games from a pool of 240 proposed choices in various categories, divided by era, game type and platform. To see a list of the winners (those to be included in the exhibit), go to


* * PLEASE NOTE: Band links are added to the section on a continuing basis and updated throughout the summer, and "missing links" are filled in as websites are located. There are still many more names to be added and shows to be included. If you don't find the information you're looking for, please send an e-mail message to the site or try back a little later! * *

    The information included in the section is in the following format: artist or band name, type of music, website/link and date(s) of performance(s). Details for concerts dates are included in the listings during the current month. All listings are alphabetical, and you can click on a letter below or scroll down the page to view the entire section of band links. Any information on band links which have not been located ("missing link") is appreciated.

#s  |  A  |  B  |  C  |  D  |  E  |  F  |  G  |  H  |  I  |  J  |  K  |  L

1 + ONE Jazz "missing link" June
1st Marine Division Band Patriotic "missing link" June, July
2AZZ1 Urban Jazz/R&B June, July, Aug, Sept 3, 4, 11
2 Fifths June
2nd Time Around R&B/Oldies "missing link" June, Aug, Sept 17
3 Balls of Fire Surf June
3rd Degree Blues Blues June, July
4 Lads from Liverpool Beatles Tribute August
4th and Dock Rock July
5 Star Band "missing link" Sept 3
5th Dementia Classic Rock June
40 U2 Tribute "missing link" July
80s Rewind 80s July
80z All Stars 80s August
90 Proof "missing link" August
110 South Blue/Funk/Rock July, August
562nd Air Nat'l Guard Band of the SW Patriotic July
10,000 Maniacs Alt. Rock July

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AKSAK Trio Latin Jazz August
A Flock of Seagulls July
A Little on the Side Jazz/R&B August
Abba Fab Abba Tribute "missing link" June
Abbey Road Beatles Music "missing link" June, July, Aug
About Time Sept 3
Adam's Attic Alt. Rock June, Sept 9, 10
Adams, Catte Vocals/Electronica July
Adams, Oleta Pop/R&B July
Adanfo Ensemble Ghanan July
Aeromyth Aerosmith Tribute September 4
Afro-Guiro Project Afro-Latin Funk "missing link" August
Agindotan, Najite Afro Funk July
Aguabella, Francisco Latin Jazz Ensemble Latin Jazz July
Aguilera, Christina The Voice June
Air Nat'l Guard Band of the SW Patriotic July
AJ's Entertainment "missing link" July, August
Akwid Latin July
Alexander, James Acoustic Rock "missing link" August
Alien Ant Farm Rock July
All American Wranglers Country July, August
All My Brothers Band Southern Rock July
All Time Low "missing link" June
Allan, Davie/The Arrows Surf July
The Alley Cats A Cappella/Doo Wop June, July, Aug
Almario, Justo Afro-Columbian Ensemble Afro-Columbian August
Also "missing link" July
The Altarbillies August
Alter Ego Classic Rock July, August
Alturas South American August
Alves, JoJo Sept 4
Amazing Wildcats 50s "missing link" July
Ameera/NJBs "missing link" August, Sept 28
American Made Country/Swing/Oldies July
The American Wake Irish Sept 2, 3, 4
Anderson, Chris Group Blues/Classic Rock July, Sept 15
Anderson, Paul "missing link" Sept 30
Anderson, Robert Violinist Sept 14
Andrews, Ernie Jazz July
Angel City Jazz Festival Jazz Sept 23
Angeles Chorale Choral Group Sept 11
Angeles Consort Classical August
Ankhesenamen 80s July
Anna Lisa "missing link" July
The Anonymous Sept 3
The Answer Classic Rock Sept 22
Anthony, Christian Acoustic Rock August
Aquarius Late 60s July
Arby, Khaira Band Malian July
Arise Reggae July
Armstrong, Robby Band August
Arrington, Steve Funk August
Arrival ABBA Music "missing link" July
Art of Sax "missing link" July, Aug
Atomic Sherpas July
Au, Mary Pianist August, Sept 4
Audible Mainframe Rock July
Audio Addiction Classic Acoustic Rock "missing link" July
Auger, Brian/Oblivion Express Jazz July
Aunt Kizzy'z Boyz July, Aug, Sept 16
Avalon, Frankie Pop/TV/Movie Hits August
Avanti String Quartet Classical "missing link" July
Avery "missing link" July
AWOL Classic Rock "missing link" August
Azucar LA Cumbia June
Azusa Pacific University Ensembles Classical, Gospel Sept 25, 30
Azzoni Duo Classical June
Aztec Stories Music/Stories July

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B-Side Players Reggae/Latin Funk June
BA African Band World Music "missing link" June
Back Home Band Country Sept 30
Bad Bad Things July
Bad Fish Crew Sept 9
Bad Haggis Celtic June
Bad Jack "missing link" July
Bad Lamps Electronic Dance July
The Backbeats A Cappella August
Baker, Bob Marionettes June, August
The Balance Band Latin "missing link" Sept 3, 4
Balency, Andrea World Indie Pop August
Ball, Marcia Jazz August
Balogh, Endre Classical Sept 11
Baloji Afro Funk July
Band of the Calfornia Battalion Civil War-Era Music August
Banda Culiacancito Latin July
Banda Los Recoditos Latin July
Bandidos de Amor Nuevo Flamenco Sept 17
The Bangles Pop July
Bankshot Classic Rock "missing link" July
Banned from the Beach Surf July
Barber, Chris Quartet Jazz "missing link" August
Barela 70s-80s Funk/Soul July, Sept 18
Barrage Fiddlefest July
Bartholomew "missing link" August
Bastida, Ceci July
Bataan, Joe Latin Soul August
Bayou Brothers Cajun/Zydeco July, Sept 2
Beach Cities Swing Band Swing September 4
Beasley, John Jazz July
Beautiful People Electronica See Adams, Catte July
Beck, Nina Trio Swing/Jazz July
Bell, Chris/100% Blues Blues June
Bella Donna Stevie Nicks/Fleetwood Mac Tribute June, July
The Belle Brigade Folk/Alt Pop July
Bellflower Symphony Association Symphony August
The Bellhaunts July
Beltran, Louie Cruz Latin Jazz/Salsa June, July, Aug, Sept 3, 23
Ben L'Oncle Soul World Music June
Benjamin, Karen American Songbook June, July
Bergara, Gonzalo Jazz Sept 8
Berghofer, Chuck/Midnight Jazz Band Jazz July
Bern Funky Jazz "missing link" June
Berry, Cedric Vocalist July
Best Coast Surf Rock June, July
Big Chief Dan/Mardi Gras Gumbo Band New Orleans "missing link" August
Big Ol'Nasty Getdown Funk August
Big Papa and the TCB Back Alley R&B July, Sept 15
The Billys Bluegrass August
Billy and the Bandits Country July
Billy Boy on Poison August
Bishop, Paul Pianist "missing link" Sept 30
Bixby, Brett July
Blaha, Bernadene Pianist July, Sept 16
Black Mahal Punjabi Hip-Hop Sept 2
Blair, John/ Trespassers Surf June
Blitz the Ambassador Hip Hop July
Bloom, Lila "missing link" Sept 16
Bloom, Michelle June
Blue Breeze Band R&B/Motown June, July, August, Sept 9
Blue Demons Surf "missing link" August
Bluecat Express Jazz June
Bluejay/Time Machine Exchange "missing link" August
Blues Bettie Blues July
Blues Hounds Blues "missing link" August
Blues Odyssey Blues August
Blues Racket Pop/R&B/Dance July, Aug
Bluez Express Jazz/Blues "missing link" July
The Blurbs "missing link" Sept 4
Boarding House Sept 4
Bob's Garage Classic Rock June, July, Sept 24
Bombachante Latin/Salsa July, Aug
Bombino African Blues Guitar July
The Bon Jovi Experience Bon Jovi Tribute "missing link" July
Bonaduce, Gretchen See Ankhesenamen July
Bone Sharks "missing link" July
Bones West Trombone Choir July
Boneyard June
Boogaloo Assassins June
Booker, Sandra Jazz June
The Boomers "missing link" July, Aug, Sept 23
Bordeaux, Derek Motown/Jazz Sept 24
Border Radio Bluegrass/Folk June
Born BLUE Blues July
Borowski, Emmanuel Violinist July
Bourbon, Claude Guitarist "missing link" June
Box Car 7 July
Bradipos IV Surf "missing link" August
Bradley, Michael "missing link" Sept 30
Brasil Brazil Brazilian June, July, Aug, Sept 1, 4
Brass Transit Chicago Tribute August
Braziliando Brazilian Sept 10
The Breakaways Surf July
Breakstra Hip Hop/Funk July
Breath of Life Tribe "missing link" June
Bring Your Own Blues (BYOB) Blues August
British Invasion 60s "missing link" July
The Brock Party World/Pop "missing link" Sept 2
Broke String Band Blues/Roots June, Aug, Sept 23
Broken Bottle Band "missing link" August
The Broken Numbers Band July
Brooke Lee Catastrophe August, Sept 23
Brosseau, Tom Sept 25
Brother Cecil June
Brown and Blue www.brownandblue.bandcamp June
Brown, Jack Octet Jazz July
Brown, Micah experience June, Sept 2
Brown, Ricky Combo Blues/Jazz "missing link" Sept 23
Browne, Jann Band Country/Pop/Originals June, August
Bruce in the USA Springsteen Tribute July
Bruce, Scot Elvis Tribute July, August
Buchanan, Jay August
Buck, Jeremy/The Bang Pop Rock Sept 4
Buck Wildstar Blues August
The Budrows July
Build an Ark Jazz "missing link" July
Bullet and Snowfox July
Bumptown Top 40/Latin/R&B July, August
Bunch 'O Guys "missing linK" July
Burch, Christa Vocalist "missing link" July
Butera, Jerry Blues Band Blues "missing link" July
By His Grace Classic Rock/Jazz "missing link" August
Byrds Collective Byrds Tribute June

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CPO and the Saps August, Sept 30
Caine, Elliott Quintet Jazz June, July, Aug
Calabasas H.S. Jazz Band School Band "missing link" June
California Dance Institute Children's June
Cameron, Clayton Sextet Jazz July
Campbell, Buzz/Hot Rod Lincoln Rockabilly June, Sept 16
The Candies 80s/Chick Rock Sept 3
Canela, Jencarlos Latin July
Canned Heat Country/Blues Rock August
Cannonball Coltrane Project See Hughes, Luther July
Canter, Brent Jazz August
Capitol Ensemble Classical "missing link" June, Aug
Capistrano Valley Christian School Youth Group Sept 11
Capital Cities Sept 25
Cappy's Garage "missing link" Sept 2
Captain Cardiac/Coronaries Rock 'N Roll July
Caracol Pop July
Caraluna "missing link" June
Caravan Family Band "missing link" August
Cardenas, Fred Classical Mix "missing link" August
Carolina Liar Alternative July
Carney, Andrew Collective Jazz June, July
Casa Sanchez Mariachis Mariachi "missing link" August
Castaneda, Edmar Latin July
Castro, Amanda Band July, Sept 2
Catch a Wave Beach Boys Tribute July, Aug, Sept 4
Cavin, Paul Classic Rock/Oldies June, July, Aug, Sept 2
Cedric the Entertainer August
Ceora Winds Classical June
Cerritos CC Band College Band Sept 11
Chambers-Salazar, Polli Pianist chambers_salazar.htm June
Chancler, Ndugu Jazz June
The Chantays Surf July, Sept 5
Chapdelaine, Michael Guitarist Sept 14
Chapman, Alan American Songbook June, July
Chasing Avalanche Rock July
Chen, Rose Pianist "missing link" June
Cherry Bluestorms June
Cherry, David Ornette Jazz June
Chez Quartet Originals/Covers See August
Chicago Tribute Authority Chicago Tribute "missing link" August
Chicano Batman July, Aug
Chico Latin/Variety July, August
Childs, Billy Jazz Pianist August
Christ Church of the Valley Praise/Worship "missing link" July
Christ First Church Covina Praise/Worship "missing link" June
Christanes "missing link" June
Christlieb, Pete Jazz August
The Chumbuckets Swing/Rockabilly August
Church Guys on Caffeine "missing link" July
Churchill, Kim Rock July
Chyle Latin "missing link" August
Circle City Chorale Choir June
Cirque du Soleil Variety August
Cisneros, Victor/Alteza Latin Pop July
Citta de Assemini Sardinian "missing link" June
City Fritter June
Civil Twilight Alt Rock July
Claremont Comm. School of Music Variety Aug, Sept 25
Claremont Symphony Orchestra Orchestra June
Claremont Voodoo Society Blues/Folk/ Rock June, August
Clark, Alan Band Rockabilly/Rock "missing link" June
Clark, Cory J. June
Clark, Karen A. Project Jazz July
Class of '69 Late 60s July
Classic Cab Classic Rock "missing link" July
Classic Rock Cougars Rock 'N Roll August
Classic Rockers Classic Hits "missing link" July, Sept 5
Cleary, Jon/Philthy Phew New Orleans Funk/Blues September 8
Club Pacific Band "missing link" Sept 25
Colburn School Ensembles Classical June
Cocktail Preachers Surf August
Colburn Orchestra Classical Sept 24
Cold Comfort Band Blues July
Cold Duck 70s/Top 40/R&B July, Aug, Sept 10, 18
Cole Collective "missing link" July, Aug
Collins, Taylor June
Color My World Chicago Tribute August
Colley, Dean See "Hot August Night"
Coleman, Durrell Band July
Colunga, Gerald Soft Pop August
Come Together Beatles Tribute "missing link" August
Comess-Daniels, Neil August
Common Sense Reggae July, August
Commonwealth Players Classical "missing link" Sept 11
Concert on the Green Wind Ensemble Classical July
Concordia Wind Orchestra Classical Sept 11
Conjunto Los Pochos Norteno Sept 4, 16
Conte, Luis Ensemble Jazz June, August
Copper Canyon Band July
Copy Cats Top 40/Variety "missing link" July
Corday, Jennifer Rock/Originals Sept 2
The Cords 80s July, Aug
Corona Symphony Jazz Ensemble Jazz June
Cosgrove, Lance "missing link" July
Cosmic Harp Alice Coltrane Tribute August
Couchois Brothers Classic R&B July
Country Gone Awry Country August
Country Plus Country "missing link" July
Covina Assembly of God Praise/Worship "missing link" July
Covina Concert Band Community Band June, July, Aug
Covina United Methodist Church Praise/Worship "missing link" July
Craic Haus Irish "missing link" August
Crash Dance "missing link" July
Crazy Rhythm Hot Society Orchestra Golden Age of Radio July
Creedence Relived CCR Tribute June
Cross Hart Jazz Experience Jazz August
Crown City Bombers 50s/Doo Wop July, Sept 17
Crown City Dixieland Band Dixieland Jazz "missing link" Sept 2
Cuates de Sinaloa Latin August
Cubensis Grateful Dead Tribute June
Cultural Heriage Choir African American Roots August
Culver City Allstar Jazz Jam Band Jazz "missing link" August
Cutmore, Jason Pianist August

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DJ Anne Litt June
DJ Anthony Valadez June, July
DJ Ceasz "missing link" July
DJ Chris Douridas July
DJ Chuck P July
DJ Dan Wilcox June, July
DJ Dickie McBuison "missing link" August
DJ El Dopa "missing link" June
DJ Eric J. Lawrence July
DJ Garth Trinidad June
DJ Glenn Red Afro Funke "missing link" June, July
DJ Hapa Disco August
DJ J Rhythm Latin "missing link" July
DJ Jason Bentley June
DJ Jeremy Sole July
DJ Joe Claussel/Band Latin Funk/Salsa July
DJ Jon Smooth Hip Hop/House "missing link" June, July, Aug, Sept 9
DJ Kevin Fitzgerald "missing link" July
DJ Lithuanian Prince June
DJ Mario Cotto July
DJ Mark Marcelo Sept 25
DJ Marko Markz August
DJ Munish "missing link" August
DJ Ras Sal "missing link" July
DJ Raul Campos July
DJ Rekha's Basement Bhanga June
DJ Tom Cat Latin "missing link" August
DJ Vikter Duplaix July
DJ Virtigo "missing link" July
DW3 R&B/Jazz July, August
Da Breeze Jazz June
Dafni August
Daggett Band Rockabilly "missing link" Sept 23
Dahlin, Marika Aug, Sept 2
Daikaiju Surf August
Dakota Country Band Country "missing link" July
Dallas Brass Variety August
Dane, Korey June, Aug, Sept 2
Dardashti, Galeet World Sept 25
Darren, James Pop June
Daversa, John Big Band Jazz June
Davidson, Abigail "missing link" July
Davis, Frenchie July
Davis, Martha/Motels Rock August
Dawes September 1
Dawuni, Rocky Afro Reggae June, July
Dayton Borders Band Rock/Oldies "missing link" July
De Almeida, Victor Classical June
De Barros, Maria African and Brazilian July
The De Loreans 80s July, August
De Nada Old School/R&B July, August
De Ryke, Ryan Baritone "missing link" June
De Sena, Bob Latin Jazz June, July, Aug, Sept 3
Dead Country Rock August
The Deadbeats Surf "missing link" August
Dean, Danny Rockabilly/Swing August, Sept 17
Debo Band Ethiopian Pop/Funk August
Definiens Project Classical June
Delgado Brothers June, July
Delta Nove Funk August
Dengue Fever Cambodian Pop/Rock June
Desperado Eagles Tribute June, July, Aug
Detroit Underground July
Devil's Box "missing link" July
Deyhim, Sussan Middle Eastern See August
Diavolo Dance Theater Dance July
Diaz, Lucky/Family Jam Band Children's August
Dickerson, Deke/Eccofonics Rockabilly July
Different Drum Linda Ronstadt Tribute August
Diggs, David/Jazzwerk Jazz Sept 28
Dilana Rock August
Dioz, Nina Mexican MC August
Do, Michelle Pianist "missing link" July
Dog 'N Butterfly Heart Tribute August
The Dogs Classic Rock July, Aug, Sept 5, 17, 30
Dominguez, Hector Mariachi/Ranchera July
Don't Stop Believin' Journey Tribute June, July, Aug, Sept 30
Donovan/Muradian Quintet Jazz June, July
Doo Wah Riders Country June, July, Aug
Down Home Band Country/Roots July
Downbeat Express Big Band "missing link" July
Downey Symphony Orchestra August
Downtown Project Jazz June, July
Dr. Bombay/Blue Machine June, August
Dr. Wu Steely Dan Tribute June, August
Drexx Cannon R&B/Folk/Dance August
Drowsy Maggie Celtic "missing link" Sept 30
Dub 8 June
Dublab DJs Aug, Sept 25
Duchicela "missing link" August
Dueto Luis y Ramon Latin July
Dunlap, Elliott Pianist "missing link" August
Duo-Tones Surf August
Dustbowl Revival Folk Orchestra June, August
Dynamite Dave "missing link" July, Aug, Sept 2
Dynamite Dawson "missing link" June

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Earth Angels 50s/60s June
Eastern Conference Champions Rock July, August
Echo Echo June, August
Eclipse Journey Tribute "missing link" July
Eddy, Melvin Blues Band Blues July, Sept 9
Eddy, Steve Tribute to Rock June, Sept 30
Eggplant "missing link" August
Ekstrand, Eric Swing "missing link" August
El Chicano Latin Oldies July
El Comienzo Latin/Cumbias "missing link" June
El Haru Kuroi Latin August
El Khatib, Hanni Rock July, Sept 25
Electra Classic Rock "missing link" August
The Electones Jazz/Soul August
The Elian Project Contemp. Latin Aug, Sept 18
The Eliminators Surf Aug, Sept 3
Elm Street Band Classic Rock June, July, Aug, Sept 24
Elton, The Early Years Elton John Tribute June, August
Ely, Ron July, August
The Emperors Classic Rock June, July, Aug
Empire Swing Orchestra Big Band/Swing August
Empty Cage Quartet JazzPop August
England, Frances Children's August
English Beat Ska/Pop/Rock July, August
Ensemble In Promptu Classical "missing link" August
Escape Journey Tribute Sept 3
Escovedo, Pete Orchestra Latin Jazz July, August
Esperanto World/Jazz "missing link" June
Espino, Martin Children's Sept 20
Estudiantina Del Sol Latin "missing link" Sept 23
The Europa Band German/World September 2, 3, 4
Everest Rock/Punk August
Everyday Animals Folk/Prog. Rock July
Evolove Rock August

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Fabulous Nomads Surf Sept 11
The Fabulous Pelicans June
Facchinello, Shan "missing link" Sept 24
Fallen Riviera Indie Rock July
Falling Awake "missing link" Sept 3
Faltus, Daniel Classical "missing link" July
Family of the Year Sept 25
Family Style Variety "missing link" July
Fan Halen Van Halen Tribute July
Fantastic Diamond Neil Diamond Tribute August, Sept 3
Farmer, Judith Classical "missing link" August
Faye, Aziz African August
The Fenians Irish July
Fetherolf, Bob/Full Sail Classic Rock July
Fiato String Quartet Classical August
Fichot, Jessica French/World June, August
Fielding July
Figueroa, Octavio Jazz Sept 21
Film at Eleven 60s/70s "missing link" July, August
First Presbyterian Church of Covina Praise/Worship "missing link" July
Fisch, Paul "missing link" Sept 17
Fitzgerald, Kelly Acoustic Rock/Country July, August
Fitzgerald, Kevin Pianist Sept 16
Flaherty, Tom Cellist Sept 11
Flashback Classic Rock "missing link" August
Flat Top Tom & His Jumpcats Jump/Blues/Swing July
The Fling Indie Rock June
Flip Out Classic/Modern Rock June, July, Aug
Flock of 80s 80s August
Fogg, Cynthia Classical "missing link" Sept 11
Foltz, Peter Nathan Classical "missing link" July
Forbes, Michael Explosion Rock/Jazz Fusion June, Sept 24
Ford, Jamila Jazz June, July
Forest of Tongue July
The FourFathers Rock/Originals June
Francis, Joanie/Boomers "missing link" July, Aug, Sept 23
Freddy's Ready/Fred Horn Funky Sax "missing link" June
Freak Juice "missing link" June
Free to be Me Drum Circle Drumming June
Frenz and Strangerz Classic Rock "missing link" Sept 10
Freshly Ground Rock/Jazz/Afro-Pop July
Freund, Tom June
Front Porch Band Roots Rock "missing link" August
Fuller, Jane Jazz July
Fullerton College Community Band Community Band June, July
Fundyga, Craig Jazz See Culver City AllStar Jazz Jam Band August
Funk-O-Matics Funk/Disco July
Funky Hippeez Disco "missing link" July, August
Fusion Beat Sept 2
Fusionando Latin Fusion Sept 22

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Gaines, Roy/Tuxedo Blues July
Galla, Tony Vocalist June, July
Gantez Warrior Sept 25
Garcia, Diego Latin/Other June
Garfield, David Band Latin Jazz "missing link" June
Garrett, David Cellist August
Garrett, Leif August
Gastelum, Goyo Latin August
Gene Loves Jezebel Alt. Rock July, Sept 2
Geree and the Groove R&B August
The Get Down Boys June
Ghost in the Machine Police Tribute June, August
The Ghouls "missing link" June
Gilbert Hurricane Gary Gordon Tribute "missing link" June
Gilfry, Rod Baritone Sept 4, 27
Giocoso Youth Orchestra Youth Group July
Giordano, Suzanna Classical "missing link" June
Girl in a Coma Rock June
The Girls Folk Rock/Originals "missing link" July
Girlyman Folk/Pop Sept 2
Give Up The Junk Jazz/Funk June, July, Aug, Sept 2
Glasgow Tiki Shakers Surf Sept 18
Glaze, Susie/Hilonesome Band Bluegrass and Appalachian June, August
Glendale CC Jazz Combo College Group June, July, Aug
Glendale Pops Orchestra Orchestra June, Sept 22
Glenn, Glen Rockabilly June
Glik, Chris August
Goepele R&B/Soul July
Gods of Thunder Kiss Tribute August
Gold Rush Country Contempo. Country July
Goldenboy Rock Sept 17
Golden West Pops Show Music/Pop June, Sept 10
Goode, Kevin "missing link" June
Goodfellas "missing link" August
Gordon, Steven Classical "missing link" Sept 11
Goren, Ray Jazz July
Grace, Kathleen Jazz July
Graffiti 6 Rock July
Grammer, Andy July
Grannis, Kina Singer/Songwriter July
Gratz, Reed Pianist Sept 11
Gray, Macy Pop/Soul June
Great American Swing Band Swing Aug, Sept 6
Green, Ann Patrick Pianist July, August
Green, Cee Lo R&B/Pop July
Green, Herschel Baritone "missing link" August
Greenberg, Seth Combo Jazz June, July, Aug, Sept 25
Greene, Milo Rock July
Grizzly, John www.reverbnation.comjgrizz August
Group Love Rock July
Grupo Escolta Latin August
Grupo Fantasmo Salsa/Latin July
Grupo Juanelo Latin/Banda "missing link" July
Guerrero, Quetzal Latin/Salsa/Jazz July
Guerrero, Tony Quintet American Songbook August
Guilty Conscience Rock "missing link" July, Aug
Gulley, Bob "missing link" July
Gurakar, Abe Indie Rock "missingl link" July
Gutierrez, Ronnie Band Latin Jazz July
The Gypsy Dolls Pop/Top 40 July

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H'Sao AfroPop August
H Street Band 60s-90s Hits August
Hadero, Meklit Singer/Songwriter July
Haggins, Michael Jazz July, August
Halau Na Pua Lehua Hawaiian July, August
Haley, Lisa/Zydecats Zydeco August
Hall, JD Band Pop/Rock/Blues August
Hall, Rod R&B "missing link" August
Halligan, Gordon Jazz "missing link" August
Halloween Swim Team Rock August
Halter, Ernie Pop/Rock August
Hammersmith Band Sept 25
Hampson, Thomas Baritone Sept 16
Hams, Steve Jazz Collective Jazz "missing link" July
Hank's Cadillac Country June, July
Hanke, Brian Pianist June
Hansen, Susie Latin Band Latin Jazz/Salsa July, August
Happy Crowd Children's July, August
Harley, Anne Soprano anne-harley.php Sept 23
Harman, James Roots/Blues July
Harris, Matt Quartet Jazz June
Harris, Steve Jazz Sept 3
Harrison, Donald Noveau Swing August
Harrison, Mark Quintet Jazz August
Harry and the Potters Wizard Rock June
Hassett, Carla Brazilian August
Hawaii Experience Show Polynesian Revue "missing link" August
Hayes, Otis Quartet Jazz August
Hayes, Walker Country Pop August
Heart-N-Soul Latin/R&B/Dance July, August
Heart Brigade Heart Tribute August
Heartless Heart Tribute July
Heatherly, Eric Country Rock Aug, Sept 4
Helicopter Rock Sept 4
Helios Jive June
Helios Guitar Quartet Classical June, Sept
Hello Operator White Stripes Tribute "missing link" June
Hello Seahorse World Music June
Hello Vegas July
Hellogoodbye Indie Pop/Emo-Rock August
HELP! Beatles Tribute "missing link" July
Henebry, Mike Orchestra Big Band July, Sept 4
The Henry Clay People Rock July
Hernandez, Ernie Big Band/Swing "missing link" July
Hernandez, Oscar Salsa July, Sept 15
Higgins, Missy Rock July
High Street Swing/Latin/Rock July
Highland Way Celtic July
Highway 61 Revisited Dylan Tribute June
Hill, Shana Blake Vocalist July
Hindsight Rock August
Hit Squad Classic Rock/R&B July, August
Ho, Chris Jazz August
The Hodads Variety June, July, Aug, Sept 1, 30
HOLA Youth Orchestra August
Holland, Sony July
Holly, Nayana Jazz "missing link" June
Hollywood U2 U2 Tribute June, July, Aug
Hollywood Stones Rolling Stones Tribute Aug, Sept 4
Hommel, Steve Quartet Jazz "missing link" July
Honor Society July
Hoodoo Blues Blues August
Hot August Night Neil Diamond Tribute July, August
Hotsy Totsy Vintage Jazz/Swing August
Houetin, Lazare Children's "missing link" August
Hound Dog Dave/The Meltones June, July, Aug
Huang, Rachel Violinist rachel-vetter-huang.php Sept 30
Hudson Vagabond Puppets Children's July
Hughes, Brian Quintet Jazz "missing link" July
Hughes, Luther Jazz July
Hui O Hula Hula June
Huntington Beach Concert Band Concert Band June, July, Sept 17
Hurtado, Ciro Classical Guitar July
Hyperion Outfall Serenaders Dixieland "missing link" June

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I See Hawks in L.A. Country June, July, Aug
I Want My 80s 80s "missing link" August
IVC Music Alumni College Alumni Sept 24
Icons Show 80s Variety July
The Icy Hot Club Sept 18
Identity Theft Rock July
Iftinca, Vlad Pianist "missing link" Sept 16
Ilya Quartet "missing link" August
Impact Barbershop August
The Impulse Band July
In Contempt July
Inca Peruvian August
Incan Abraham July
Incendio Flamenco Guitar July, August
Inkblots July
Insect Surfers Surf Sept 25
Instant Replay Classic Rock "missing link" August
The Intenders Classic Acoustic Rock "missing link" June
Invincible/King of Pop Michael Jackson Tribute "missing link" July
INXS-ive INXS Tribute July, August
iPalpiti Artists Classical July
Irish Volunteers Celtic "missing link" July
Irridesence Contemporary Rock "missing link" August
Isberto, Mike "missing link" Sept 2
Island Groovin' Island/Calypso July, August
Island Hoppin' Steel Drum Band Steel Drum Sept 9

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Jacobs, Pete/Cafe Society Club Big Band Sept 30
Jamaica Bob Reggae/Calypso Aug, Sept 17, 30
James, Guy/The Brothers "missing link" July
James, Leela R&B/Soul July
Jameson August
Jamnesia Dance Band Sept 8
Jazz America Jazz July
Jazz Bliss Brazil Brailian/U.S. Jazz August
Jazz Mafia Jazz August
Jazz Mammals Jazz Sept 25
Jazz Rangers Jazz "missing link" Sept 1
Jazzy Boy Jeff R&B/Jazz/Dance August
Jenny O Singer/Songwriter "missing link" June
Jimenez, Natalia Latin August
Jimmy Eat World Rock August
Johnny V "missing link" July
Johnson, Jenny Classical "missing link" August
Johnson, Ron One-Man Band August
Jon, Robert June
Jones, Brian Lynn/Misfit Cowboys Country June, Aug, Sept 11
Jones, Deacon Blues July
Jones, Dennis Blues August
Jones, Shawn Roots Rock August
Jonny Come Lately Rock 'N Roll August
The Joshua Tree U2 Tribute June, July
Joy to the World 3 Dog Night Tribute Sept 4
Jumpin' Jack Flash Rolling Stones Tribute July
Jumpin' Joz Swing June, Sept 10

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Kaden the Band Latin "missing link" Sept 3
Kamm, Charles Tenor charles-kamm.php Sept 23
Kanan Road Band August
Karmazyn, Dennis Classical "missing link" Sept 11
Karn, Chris August
Kasajian, Michelle "missing link" Sept 24
Kaspar, Souhail World Music July
Keel, Esther Pianist July
Kello, Nick Brazilian Sept 17
Kelly Q Karaoke June, July, Aug, Sept 16
Kelp Surf August
Kewa Ensemble Classical "missing link" Sept 21
Kid Fiddlers Western July
The Kid & Nic Show Classic American/Swing June, July
Kiddle Karoo Children's August
Killin' Time Country "missing link" July
Kim Eung Hwa Dance Korean Dance July
Kim, Hanna "missing link" Sept 10
King Chris/Groove Thang August
King Jazz Combo Jazz "missing link" June
King, Louise Pianist Sept 21
King Salmon Band Rock/Pop/Funk "missing link" August
Kinnara Taiko Taiko Drums "missing link" July
Kirsch, Victoria Pianist July
Kisses Sept 25
Klaro "missing link" July
Klein, Janet 1920s/30s Aug, Sept 10
Kleiner, Martha Oboist "missing link" June
Klezmer Juice Klezmer August
The Kleztefarians Groove/Reggae "missing link" August
Knight Fever "missing link" July
Knyght Ryder Classic Rock August
Ko, Bongshin Cellist June
The Kokomos "missing link" June
Kollaboration Korean Sept 2
Kool Breeze R&B/Top 40 July
Korula, Nikhil Band Calypso/Rock/ Reggae June
Kotolan July
Krausse, Eric "missing link" Sept 9
Kray, John August
Krikorian, Dan Band Acoustic Folk/Pop Aug, Sept 3
Kulayd Doo Wop/Motown July
Kuti, Seun/Egypt 80 African Soul/Funk July

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L.A. Allstars Variety August
L.A. Blue Latin/Rock/R&B July
L.A. Bluescasters R&B June
L.A. Lawyers Philharmonic Classics/Pop August
L.A. Opera Opera August
L.A. Vation U2 Tribute August
LAUSD All-City HS Jazz Band Jazz "missing link" July
La Cat Reggae Sept 24
La Internacional Sonora Show Tropical/Cumbia July, August
La Palabra Latin August
La Santa Cecilia Latin June, July, Aug
La Santa Maria Nueva Cumbia July
La Sera Soul/Folk Rock "missing link" June
La Vette, Bettye Soul/Blues July
Ladies of Motown Supremes/Motown Tribute "missing link" June
Lady Danville Rock July
Laguna Beach Community Concert Band Concert Band August
Lane, Charles Tenor "missing link" June
Lane, Sean/Hellhounds Blues/Roots July
Lantz, Jack Big Band Big Band/Swing "missing link" July, August
Las Cafeteras Son Jarocho/Chicano August
Last Chance June, July, Sept 4
The Late Bloomers Folk Rock "missing link" July
Latin Flair July
Latin Jazz Syndicate Latin Jazz August
Latin Lowdown Latin Sept 2
Latin Society Latin "missing link" June, July
Lauridsen, Morten Sept 27
Lavender Velvet "missing link" July
Laws, Jaman & Friends Afro Jazz July
Lazy Preacher August
Lebow, Roger Cellist Sept 21, 30
Led Zepagain Led Zeppelin Tribute August
Lee, Albert Rockabilly August
Lee, Genevieve Feiwen Pianist music Sept 11
Lee, Jared Rock July
Leftover Cuties June
Legacy "missing link" July
Lemvo, Ricardo/Makina Loca Afro-Cuban July, Sept 3, 9
Leonel Latin "missing link" Sept 30
Lesure, Jacques Trio Jazz August
Levy, Phillip Violinist "missing link" June
Lewis, Blake July
Lightmusic August
Lightning, Rod Classic Rock/Oldies July
Lie, Terje Jazz July
Lights Journey Tribute June, July, Aug
'Lil Mo/Dynaflows 50s Rock Doo Wop "missing link" Sept 23
Lindarcalla/West Coast Blues Blues June
Lineage Dance Company Music/Dance July
The Lions Reggae August
Lips Classic Rock "missing link" August
Lira World Music July
Little Red Radio Electro/Indie Disco Pop July
Loco Underground "missing link" August
Loe, Pam/Hipshot Country "missing link" Sept 16
LoGiudice, Rosa Pianist "missing link" June
Lonestar Country July
Long Beach Municipal Band Municipal Band June, July
The LongHorns July
Long, Jenny "missing link" July
Long Run Eagles Tribute August
Lopez, Alfredo Regional Mexican "missing link" July
Lord Huron Folk/Expt'l & Afro-Carib. July
Loria "The Voice" "missing link" August
Los Angeles Childrens Chorus Youth Chorus June, July
Los Angeles Electric 8 Guitar Ensemble July
Los Angeles Flute Orchestra Flute Ensemble Sept 24
Los Angeles Pierce Symphonic Winds Symphony Winds "missing link" July
Los Angeles Police Swing Band Jazz July
Los Angeles Recorder Orchestra Recorder Ensemble Sept 25
Los Angeles Salsa Divas Salsa "missing link" July
Los Fabulocos Mex Roots/Blues July
Los Giles Latin "missing link" July
Los Pinguos Latin/Argentinian July
Los Pistoleros Latin "missing link" July, August
Los Rakas Panamanian Rap August
Los Retonos del Norte Latin "missing link" August
Love Grenades July
Lucky 7 Mambo Mambo/Latin August
Lucky Penny July
Lucky Stars Western Swing Aug, Sept 29
Lucky, Steve/Rhumba Bums Vintage Jazz/Swing July
Ludwig, Maxim Rock/Soul July
Lyris String Quartet Classical August
Lytle, Gwendolyn Soprano music Sept 11

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In barely more than a generation, video games have been transformed from a diversion for the few into a mass medium, helping people live, learn, work, and of course, play.
Entertainment Software Association, Transformation of the Video Game Industry

"There are games now for pretty much every age, every demographic. More and more women are going online. It comes down to everybody is playing games. Games are evolving like species in order to fit into every little niche of our lives."
Jessie Schell, instructor of entertainment technology at Carnegie Mellon University

Video Games

    While many games throughout history have taken centuries to travel from region to region or from aristocracy to the masses, in less than 40 years video games have gone from their inception to a multi-billion dollar industry. In 2009, unit sales of computer and video games stood at more than 270 million, and the U.S. computer and video game software industry employed more than 32,000 people in 34 states, about 41 percent of them in California. [Siwek]

    The increase in the use and popularity of video games has come part and parcel with developments and rapid changes in computer, computer graphics and telecommunications technologies. Early systems by Magnavox and Atari paved the way for today's Nintendo and XBox systems. Pong, the first arcade hit in the early 1970s, was followed in the late 1970s by Space Invaders, the "first video game to go mega in the U.S. and the first to really exploit the medium rather than hark back to older games like Ping Pong, pinball or hockey." [Herz] Games today can "create new worlds where players can manipulate and change their environment through realistic animation and unique motion-sensor controllers," [ESA, Transformation of the Video Game Industry], while at the same time about 42 percent of those playing games online report that the types of games they play most often are puzzle, board game, game show, trivia or card games." [ESA, 2010 Essential Facts About the Computer and Video Game Industry] The ESA also reports that the number of Americans playing games on wireless devices such as cell phones or PDAs also more than doubled between 2002 and 2009.

    Beyond being products for play and entertainment, some video games (referred to as serious games) are becoming more widely used as a medium for education, training and social change in schools, businesses, health care organizations and the military. Serious games "attempt to impart skills, knowledge or ideas to players: practicing skills, knowledge gain through exploration, cognitive problem solving [skills] or social problem solving [skills]. [Ritterfeld, et al]

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