The Extras section is full of other things you can do, get or see for free this summer in addition to music. Movies, art walks and art open houses, museum exhibits, family activities and events, and outdoor theatrical performances are just a few of the things you'll find listed on the page. Some events and activities are open only to residents of certain cities; others are open to the general public. As with the concerts, it is recommended that you confirm any event you wish to attend or any activity in which you would like to participate. The list of "extras" is a dynamic list and is added to throughout the course of the summer as new information is received. It will expand on the information found on the site's Twitter page during the rest of the year. Your suggestions are also welcome.

Click here to view the current list of "EXTRAS" for summer 2011.

DOMINOES: It is believed that dominoes were invented several centuries ago by the Chinese after obtaining cubic dice from India. The European version of the game is became known in 18th Century Italy. In the Chinese version, each domino represents one possible throw of two dice. In the Western version, a blank (zero) is included on the tiles. Dominoes often are referred to as bones, as they were originally made from white or black bone or ivory.