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elcome to for Summer 2009, the site's seventh summer. For those of you who are return visitors, welcome back! Welcome, too, to those of you who are here for the first time. This page is THE place to find important reminders and news of the site! This includes information about what's new during the summer and about the month-to-month changes taking place. Please check back periodically - you can get to this page directly from the Home page and all the other major sections.

FOR EVERYONE: (Final Update - Sept. 27). This is the final update for the summer of 2009. For those of you who have been with the site for a while, you know that there are two phases of The summer site runs from June through September, and the fall/winter/spring site returns October 1. The fall version of the site will return on Thursday, and full listings will be available by the end of the day. Please stick around - the music continues all year long, with fall festivals, the return of the symphony season, college and university performances and much more coming in October. I'd like to thank everyone who visited the site this summer, and especially those of you who took the time to send e-mails with both comments and notes of appreciation. Please check back again for full October listings on Thursday!

•  Featured Artists - Featured Artists are musicians or concert series drawn from the summer concert performances. Two Featured Artists are named each month, one for the first half of the month and one for the second half. A warm thanks to all the 2009 Featured Artists, and you can read more about them by clicking here.

•  2009 Website Special Guests - Each summer special guests are invited to exhibit works which in some way express or interpret the summer theme. Please welcome all the 2009 Guests: Guest Photographer - His photographs can be found on the "All Cities By City" concert page, and you can click here to visit that page now; Guest Poet - You can begin reading her poetry by clicking the links from the Guest Poet page; Guest Sculptor - Images of figures from story-related collection can be found on the Extras page. Click here to visit that page now. This summer's Guests Puppeteer has allowed images from his museum puppet collection appear on the Links pages, and click here to go to the first of the three pages. Also, new to the site are the final summer Guests, Southern California Storytellers. Their stories can be found (and listened to) on the L.A. County By City concert page, the Orange County By City concert page, and the Inland Empire by City concert page. You can also read more about all of them on the site's Guests page.

•  Show of the Week - Show of the Week information runs from Monday through Sunday of each week. The listings have finished for 2009, but information can still be found on the Concerts By Date main calendar page of the free concerts section.

•  2009 Theme - "A Storied Summer"

     Most people probably are familiar with the story of the Wizard of Oz through the classic film version starring Judy Garland. While the movie remains fairly true to L. Frank Baum's original book, there are some significant differences. One of those differences is the color of Dorothy's shoes. In the movie they are shiny ruby slippers; in the book they are silver. In both versions of the story, however, clicking the heels of the shoes together three times transports Dorothy away from Oz and back to her home in Kansas.

     A good story is like those silver shoes - able to transport a person through time and across borders to virtually anywhere in our world -- or beyond. Stories can be long or short, epic sagas or local lore, written for all to read or told to those wanting to listen. This summer the site celebrates stories of all types -- timeless tales, myths, fables and more -- and those who tell them, both in pictures and in words.

     The word "storied" in a literal context can mean either decorated with designs representing scenes from story or history, having a history or being celebrated in story or history. Each of the six main sections of the site listed in the navigation bar above is themed to a different yet familiar tale, and this year's pages are made to be just as colorful as the stories you'll be hearing about. And don't forget -- if you want to get back "home," just click the big box at the bottom of each of the main pages and Dorothy's silver shoes will help take you there!

A NOTE ON SUMMER 2009: Given the current economic climate, we are all very fortunate that many cities and organizations have been able to continue with their summer concert programs. However, this is not true for all communities. Several have had to cancel a majority of their summer programs and will not be holding concerts this year. Other cities have cut back their schedules by anywhere from a quarter to a half of the prior year's performances. In addition, there is still much uncertainty as to what will happen next year. Many of the concerts and other activities taking place (movies, etc.) are able to continue only through the generosity of program sponsors. Please support and thank all the sponsors of these programs, whether they are cities, community organizations or area businesses.

ONE FINAL NOTE FOR VISITORS: Many cities/event venues pass out survey forms during the summer asking for audience information and opinions. One question which often appears on such forms is how a person found out about the event they attended. If you happen to be at an event you found on and receive such a form, I would appreciate you letting them know that you found the information here. Thank you!

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