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ver the years the Links page has grown tremendously with the number of venues added to the listings and the number of artists appearing at the concerts. In 2008, the page was the largest - and the most slowly loading - page on the site. As a result, this year it is being split into three sections. The motto of the three musketeers - "All for One and One for All" seemed a fitting way to convey that the three pages are still part of the same one links section. Since some cities/venues do not release their concert information until well into June or later (depending on the series), the Links section is continually updated during the summer as information is received. Click on a link below to go to one of the three sections. Also, this year you will find images of puppets from the International Puppetry Musuem (IPM) in Pasadena interspersed throughout the "Links" pages. Read more about the IPM puppets below, and continue scrolling down the page to see the images.

•  CITY AND ART/POETRY LINKS  •           •  BAND LINKS A - L  •           •  BAND LINKS M - Z  •


* * PLEASE NOTE: Band links are added to the section on a continuing basis and updated throughout the summer, and "missing links" are filled in as websites are located. There are still many more names to be added and shows to be included. If you don't find the information you're looking for, please send an e-mail message to the site or try back a little later! * *

    The information included in the section is in the following format: artist or band name, type of music, website/link and date(s) of performance(s). Details for concerts dates are included in the listings during the current month. All listings are alphabetical, and you can click on a letter below or scroll down the page to view the entire section of band links. Any information on band links which have not been located ("missing link") is appreciated.

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This summer, is pleased to be able to present images of puppets from an extensive collection of U.S. and international puppets. A brochure from their home base says of puppetry that "it is an art form communicating beyond age, culture, ethnicity, language and education." Puppets have existed in many cultures for centuries, and modern puppets are rooted in the folklore of Europe and Asia. There are many kinds of puppets including hand puppets, rod puppets, shadow puppets and marionettes. World Book Encyclopaedia says that "The word "marionette" [puppets controlled by string or wires] comes from Little Mary, a type of puppet of the Middle Ages. During this period, which began about A.D. 400 and lasted through the 1400s, many people could not read or write. Priests used Little Marys to teach stories from the Bible. Marionette shows gradually became comic plays that were intended to entertain rather than teach religious lessons. But the plays grew so coarse and worldly that religious authorities refused to let them be performed in churches. Marionette shows then became street entertainments that were performed in parks and at fairs." Included on the links pages are images of puppets from shows based on folk tales, familiar characters from stories and literature, fables and international myths and plays. The "City Links" page and "Bands A - L" contain puppets primarily from the U.S., and "Bands M - Z" page has both international puppets and puppets from U.S. shows based on international stories or characters. All images are presented courtesy of this summer's guest. Information accompanying the images includes the origin of the puppet and the character or story represented.

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AKSAK Jazz Trio July
ALO Folk/Pop/Dance "missing link" August
A Little on the Side R&B/Latin July
Achoired Taste June
Adaawe All-Female World August
Adams, Catte Jazz June, September 10
Adler's Appetite August
Agajanian, Dennis Country/Praise August
Aguabella, Francisco Afro-Cuban/Congas August
Air National Guard Band of the SW "missing link" July
Albita Singer/Composer July
Alder Eagle Blues Band Blues/Classic Rock August
Alhaj, Rahim Iraqui Oud August
All American Wranglers Country June, July, August
Allen, Chase June
Alohi Polynesian Group Polynesian "missing link" July
The Alley Cats A Cappella July
Almario, Justo Afro-Columbian June, July
Aluminum Marshmallow Rock n Roll July, August
Alvarado, Alex Latin July
Alvin, Dave/The Guilty Women Blues/Country August
Amato, Dominic Jazz July
Amazing Baby Rock July
Amazing Wildcats Jump/Swing June
The American Wake Irish Sept. 4, 5, 6
Anderson, Andrea Pianist "missing link" Sept. 2
Anderson, Chris Group Blues/Classic Rock July
Anderson, Mo Blues Band Blues "missing link" August
Anderson, Rusty July
Andreas, Christine Vocalist July
Andy and Renee See Hard Rain July
Anger, Darol Contemporary Strings/Folk July
Animal Liberation Orchestra (ALO) June
Anjulie August
Ankhesenamen 80s July
The Answer Classic Rock June, July, August, Sept. 2, 6, 7, 17
Antix Millenium Hits June
Apap, Gilles Violinist "missing link" August
Aras June
Area 80s 80s "missing link" July
Arkane Pretence July, Sept 6
Arthur Murray Dance Party Dance June, July, Aug
Asada, Chizuko Pianist "missing link" August
Asheba "missing link" June
Atomic Punks Van Halen Tribute Sept 5
Atomic Sherpas July
August, Scott Indian Flute August
Average Latin Band Latin "missing link" July, August
Average White-Haired Band Classic 70s Rock "missing link" June
Avila, John Oingo Boingo/Rock June
Avila, Leila Group Jazz July
AWOL Blues Band Covers/Blues "missing link" June
Axel, Krister Sept 6
Azusa Pacific U. Choir University Choir Sept. 27
Azusa Pacific U. Symphony University Symphony Sept. 29
Azzoni Dow, Christine (& Duo) Pianist June, Sept. 30

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Characters from "Snow White"

The Back Boners "missing link" June
Backbeat Beatles Tribute July, August
BacktraXX Rock "missing link" August
The Bad Plus Jazz/Rock July
Baez, Joan Folk/Roots July, Sept. 9
Bagayogo, Issa Malian July
Baker, Bob Marionettes June, July
The Band Fresh Rock/Pop/Salsa July, Sept. 9, 30
Band of Skulls Rock July
Banda Los Recoditos Latin August
Barefoot Wahines All Female Steel Drum Sept. 4
Barela Latin July, Sept. 6
Barrage Fiddlefest July
Barrel House Boys Swing August
Barry Holdship 4 50s/60s "missing link" August
Bartels, Joanie Childrens July
Bartlett, Nathaniel June
Bashments "missing link" June
Baskery Swedish Alt-Country August
Bass, Dave Band Swing June, July
Bat Makumba Brazilian August
Batalla, Perla Latin Vocalist July
Batuquieros Afro-Brazilian "missing link" July
Baytos, Eddie/Nervis Bros. Jazz "missing link" July
Beatless Rock Classics August
Beggar's Banquet Rolling Stones Tribute Sept. 5
Belen, Danielle Violinist "missing link" Sept. 20
Bell, Chris/100% Blues Blues June, August
Bell, Le Roy Folk - Rock July
Bell, Lori Flutist June
Belladonna Stevie Nicks Tribute July, August, Sept. 5
Bellamy, Tony "T-Bone" Variety "missing link" July
Belle Air Brass All-Female Brass Ensemble July, Sept. 20
Bellflower Symphony Association Symphony "missing link" August
Bellhaunts Post Punk Sept. 26
Beltran, Louis Cruz Latin Jazz June, July
Benjamin, Karen American Songbook "missing link" August
Bennett, Kirra Acoustic Guitar "missing link" July
Bergara, Gonzalo Jazz June
Bergeron, Wayne Big Band July
The Best of Everything Band R&B "missing link" July
Best of Times Disco/Funk/Latin August, Sept. 16
Better Chemistry Reggae/Roots Sept. 5
Bianco, Jim Trio Americana July
Big Bad Voodoo Daddy Neo Swing August
Big Bamboo Steel Band Tropical/Ska Sept. 9
Big Papa and the TCB Blues, Rock, Soul Sept. 17
Big Sandy and his Fly-Rite Boys Rockabilly July
Billy and the Hillbillies Bluegrass June
Bingham, Lindy August
The Bionics Rock August
Blacc, Aloe Sept. 2
Black Violin Hip Hop/Urban Violin August
Blair, John and the Trespassers Surf "missing link" June
Blanchard, Bill Little Big Band Big Band/Swing July
Blasphemous Rumours Depeche Mode Tribute June
The Blasters Rockabilly July
Blastoff, Billy/Surf Rockets Surf "missing link" June
Blue Breeze Band Motown "missing link" August
Blue Dice Blues/Horns June, Sept. 5
Blue Machine Blues July, August
Bluegrass Billionaires Bluegrass "missing link" August
Blues Hounds Blues "missing link" August
Blues Pirates Blues "missing link" June
Blues Racket Pop/R&B/Dance June, Sept. 4
Boardwalkers Surf June
Bob's Garage Classic Rock "missing link" June, July
Bobby G & The Beat "missing link" July
Bollywood Step Bollywood Dance Sept. 25
Bombachante Latin/Salsa August
Bonaduce, Gretchen 80s See Ankhesenamen
Bonebreak Syncopators "missing link" August
The Bonedaddys World Music June, August
BoneSoir Jazz/Trombone "missing link" Sept 18
Bonfire August
Boneyard Classic Rock/Variety "missing link" June
Bonne Musique Zydeco Zydeco July
Boogaloo Assassins Boogaloo June, July, Sept. 19
Boogie Fever Disco "missing link" July
Boomkat Pop/Rock August
Bordeaux, Derek R&B July, August
Bowles, Chad Pianist Sept. 13
Branch, Michelle Pop/Rock August
Brassworks July
The Breakaways Surf July, August
Brenner, Big Barry "missing link" June
Brenton Wood Oldies August
Brentwood Strings Classical "missing link" July
Briggs, Karen Jazz "missing link" June, July
Brockus Project Dance Co. Modern Dance August
Broke String Band Acoustic Roots "missing link" June
Brokedown Cadillac Country Rock Sept 10
The Brombies July
Bronson, Dana Quartet Jazz "missing link" August
Brosius, Antoinette Soprano "missing link" July
Brown, Adam Guitarist June
Brown, Einstein Calypso June, July
Brown, Paul Jazz July
Browne, Jann Country/Americana "missing link" June
Brownout Latin Funk Sept. 17
Bruce, Scot Elvis Tribute July
Bruce Springsteen Tribute Band Springsteen Tribute "missing link" August
Bruizela, Cesar Latin August
Bryant, Cody Country July
Bubba & the Big Bad Blues Blues June, July
Buck Wildstar Blues July, August
Buffalo Blues Band Blues/Rock July
Buika Spanish/Jazz July
Bumptown Top 40/Latin July, Sept. 26
Bunch, Sekou Jazz June
Burbank Philharmonic Orchestra Orchestra June
Burke, Joronomo & Voo Doo Blues Funk/Blues/R&B "missing link" August
Burlington Express Classic Rock "missing link" August
Burnett, Bill June
Bushman Jamaican Reggae July
Butera, Jerry Blues Band Blues "missing link" July, Sept. 12/13
Butler, Aalon "missing link" July

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Eagle and Kachina from "Legend of the Lightning"

CJS Quintet Jazz July
Cadillac Cats 50s/Rockabilly "missing link" June
Caine, Elliott Quintet Jazz June, July
Calaveras Folk June
Caldwell, Kimberly American Idol July
Cale July
Calypso Pirates Reggae July
Cameron, Kevin/Pale Riders Country June
Campbell Brothers Contemporary Jazz "missing link" August
Campbell, Buzzz/Hot Rod Lincoln Rock N Roll rodlincoln Sept. 19
Cannonball-Coltrane Project Jazz July
Cano, Frank/Latin Groove Latin Jazz June, July, August
The Capitol Ensemble Classical "missing link" July
Carlson, Katrina August
Carlton, Vanessa Pop/Rock August
Carter, Mark Smooth Jazz August, Sept. 7, 18, 25
Cascada Guitar Duo "missing link" June
Cash'd Out Johnny Cash Tribute July
Cava Peruvian Soul/Ska August
Cavin, Paul Oldies June, July, August
Caxton "missing link" June
Cerritos College Community Band College Band Sept. 11
Chain of Souls Classic Rock June, July, Aug
Chairlift Synth-Pop June
Chambers, Polli Salazar Pianist polli_chambers_salazar.htm June
Chapman, Alan American Songbook August
Chase, Johanna Folk Rock "missing link" June
Cheap Sax Classic Rock/Blues July, August
Chen, Rose Pianist "missing link" June
Chesne, Paul June
Chesterfield Blues Jazz/Blues June, July, Aug
Chevere Salsa/Latin Jazz "missing link" July
Chico Latin/Variety July, August
Chiodini, John Jazz Guitarist July
Choo Choo Soul Children's August
Chris and Thomas Roots August
Christ Church of the Valley Praise "missing link" July
CHUM Surf August
CID Oingo Boingo/Rock "missing link" June
Cipes and the People June
City of LA (COLA) Artists Project See June
Clarkson, Kelly Pop/Rock Sept. 14
Claremont Symphony Orchestra Orchestra June
Claremont Winds Wind Orchestra July
Clark, Stacy Indie Electronic Rock June
Classic Distortion Classic Rock "missing link" July, Sept 18
Cloudy Reed Country "missing link" June
Cold Comfort Blues Band Blues August
Cold Duck 70s/Top 40/R&B June, July, August
Cole, Mika Pop/Soul June
Cole, Paula Singer Songwriter July
Coleman, Marcus Jazz June
Colley, Dean See "Hot August Night"
Common Sense Reggae July, August
The Company Band Top 40/Latin "missing link" July
Compton HS Drum Line Youth Band "missing link" June
Conjunto Jardin Son Jarocho August
Conte, Luis/Cuba L.A. Latin July
Cooley, Cheryl/ Klymaxx July
Coolidge, Rita Jazz/Pop June
Corday, Jennifer Acoustic Pop Rock "missing link" June
Cordero Latin Indie Rock August
Cosgrove, Lance "missing link" July
Couchois Brothers Rock/Funk/Soul June, Sept. 7
Country Gone Awry Country July
Covina Assembly of God Worship Group "missing link" August
Covina Concert Band Community Band June, July
Covina United Methodist Church Worship Band "missing link" July
Cow Bop Western Swing "missing link" August
Cowboy Ken Children's "missing link" July
Coyote Hills Dixieland Dixieland Jazz July
Craicmore Celtic August
Crashdance Dance/Top 40 "missing link" August
Critical Brass August
Crooked Head Annie Classic Rock August
Cross Hart Jazz Experience Jazz June, August
Crow, Dan Children's "missing link" July
Crown City Bombers "missing link" June
Cucu Diamantes Latin Fusion July
The Cured Cure Tribute July
Curran, Tim July
Curry, Jim John Denver Tribute "missing link" August
Curumin World/Pop July
Cypress POPS Orchestra POPS Orchestra June, July, August

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Characters from "Legend of the Lightning"

DW3 Soul/Jazz July
D'Amico-White, Deanna July
DJ Abel DJ "missing link" July
DJ Frosty and Ale DJ "missing link" June
DJ Jeremy Sole DJ Sept. 17
DJ Raul Campos DJ Sept. 24
Dafni July
Dakota Jazz "missing link" June
Dale, Dick Surf Guitar Sept. 9
Dallas Brass Brass Ensemble August
Dalmacio, Apryle Pop-Rock/Country June
Dane, Amia Quintet Jazz July
Dave's Aussie Bush Band Australian July
Daversa, John Big Band Jazz August
David, Hal Lyricist July
Davin, Colin Guitarist June/FONT>
Davis, Frenchelle "Frenchie" American Idol August
Dawuni, Rocky Afro-Pop June, July
The Day Dreamers A Cappella Doo Wop "missing link" July
Day, Jules Jazz June
Dayton Borders Band Oldies "missing link" July
Dazzler Rock July
De Barge, Kristina August
De Nada Band "missing link" August
De Sena, Bob Latin Jazz June, August
Dead Man's Party Oingo Boingo Tribute June
DeAlmar, Alberto Jazz "missing link" August
Deaux, Jayne July
Dean, Danny and the Homewreckers Rockabilly thehomewreckers July
Del Castillo Latin Rock/Flamenco June
del Russo, Catherine Classical "missing link" Sept. 2
Delano, Andre Jazz July
Delgado Brothers Latin Blues July
DeLoach, Dennis Spoken Word "missing link" June
Delta Nove Funk July
Deluca, Rocco Alt. Rock July
Deluxe, Hank & the Elbow Benders Rockabilly "missing link" August
Denhart, KJ Jazz August
Denson, Karl Trio Jazz July
Detonators Surf August
Detroit Lean Band "missing link" June
Di Santi "missing link" June
Diamond Cutters Neil Diamond/Variety "missing link" July
Diane, Holly Folk June
Diaz, Vilma/La Sonora Latin July
Dig That 70s Band 70s "missing link" August
Dirty Leonard "missing link" July
Disco Inferno Disco "missing link" July
Disco Divas 70s Dance "missing link" July
Doc Rock It 50s/60s June, July
Don't Stop Believin' Journey Tribute "missing link" July
Donato, Will Jazz July
Donovan and the KopyKats Elvis Tribute "missing link" July
Doo Wah Riders Country June, July, August
Doo-Wop All-Stars Doo Wop "missing link" July
Double G Jazz "missing link" August
The Dow Sisters Classical "missing link" June
Downey Symphony Orchestra Symphony August
Downfall "missing link" June
Downs, Lila Latin/World August
Dr. Ruth Classic Rock August
Dr. Wu Steely Dan Tribute June
Drexx Cannon Funk/R&B/Dance June, July, Sept. 6
Dubluva Indie Rock "missing link" July
Duchicela July
The Duhks Folk-Rock August
Dukovic, Tim Pianist "missing link" August
DuoTones (+2) Surf "missing link" June
Duquesnel, Peggy Quintet Jazz August
Durcal, Shaila Latin July
Dye, Mimi Classical Sept. 30

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The Earley Express "missing link" July
Easy Star All-Stars Reggae Sept. 26
Edmondson, Derrick R&B/Jazz/Pop June, August
Eeday, James Reggae See Urban Fyre
Eggold, Ryan August
Ekstrand, Erik Ensemble Swing "missing link" July, August
El Chicano Latin/Soul/Funk/Rock July
El Colegio del Cuerpo Columbian Dance August
El Guero y Su Banda Centenano Latin "missing link" August
ELAN Reggae/Rap August
Electric Mayhem Variety "missing link" July
The Element Band Armenian June
The Eliminators Surf August
Elina Pop/Folk June, July, Sept. 6, 13
Ellis, Leslie 1940s Standards "missing link" June
Elm Street Band Classic Rock July, Aug, Sept 2
Emanuel, Elijah August
The Emperors Classic Rock July, August
Empire Swing Orchestra Swing "missing link" June
Ena Vie June
Ensemble La Mer Classical "missing link" August
Ephemeral Rock/Acoustic "missing link" July
Eric and Judd Acoustic Guitar August
Escape Journey Tribute June
Eskimo Hunter Rock July
Eskovitz, Bruce Jazz Orchestra Jazz June
Esperanto International Music World "missing link" June
Esquires Big Band Big Band/Swing July
Estani Tejano July
Europa German Sept. 4, 5, 6
Everest Rock July

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Frog from the Princess and the Frog

Fabulous Nomads Surf August, Sept. 13
Fagan, Tim Singer Songwriter July
Faith Community Church Praise "missing link" July
Fallbrooke July
The Fallen Stars Alt Country/Americana June, August, Sept. 23
Familiar Trees Expt'l/Indie August
Fan Halen Van Halen Tribute July
Fantastic Diamond Neil Diamond July, August
Fawkes "missing link" June, July
Feldman, Corey See Truth Movement June
Felton, Mark Allen Jazz "missing link" June
The Fenians Irish June, July
Fichot, Jessica World Sept. 12
Fierro, Charles Pianist "missing link" August
Filipino-American Christian Fellowship Praise "missing link" July
Film at Eleven 60s/70s "missing link" July, August
First Presbyterian Church Praise "missing link" July
Fishtank Ensemble Gypsy/Klezmer July
Fitzgerald, Kelly Rock/Country July
Five in Crisis Classic Rock July
Flahive, Larry Pianist July
Flashback Classic Rock "missing link" Sept. 27
Flashpoint Classic Rock Sept. 5, 25
Flat Top Tom & His Jumpcats Jump/Blues/Swing June, July, August
Flip Out Rock "missing link" July
Floyd & the Flyboys Funk/Blues June, July, August, Sept. 5
Folchen Alt. Pop/Rock July
Folio July
Folk Collection Band Folk August
Forbert, Steve Singer Songwriter August
Forcefield On "missing link" July
Foreign Born Rock July
The Four Preps www.thefourpreps July
Four Way Street Crosby, Stills & Nash Tribute Sept. 7
Francis, David Troy Pianist June
Free to be Me Drum Circle Drum Circle August
Friends of Rock and Roll R&B/Soul "missing link" Sept 3
From the Top Productions Youth Group "missing link" June
Fuller, Jane Jazz August
Fullerton College Community Band Community Band June, July
Funky Hippeez Disco "missing link" August

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Gadji-Gadjo Klezmer/World July
Gagnon, Francesca Voice of Alegria August
Galindo, Diego Flamenco "missing link" June
Galla, Tony R&B/Vocals July
Garcia, Javier Pop August
Garcia, Sergent Latin/Reggae/Hip Hop July
Garrett, Junko Ueno Pianist August
The Gathering Jazz August
Gene Loves Jezebel Rock August
Geree and the Groove R&B June
Ginger and Kahlil June
The Girls Acoustic Pop/Rock "missing link" June
Glik, Chris Band June
Godinez, Estaire Brazilian Jazz Guitar "missing link" June
Gods of Rust 60s August
Gold Rush Country Country Sept. 11
Golden State British Brass Band Brass Band July
The Golden West June
Golden West Jazz Orchestra Jazz "missing link" August
Golden West Pops Orchestra Pops/Symphony "missing link" Sept. 12
Gonzalez, Denise Latin August
The Goofyfoots Surf index.html Sept 13
Grace, Kathleen Band Jazz August
Graf, Haakon Trio Jazz August
Graham, Sam Trio Jazz "missing link" July
Grand Junction Country August
Grannis, Kina Singer/Songwriter "missing link" June
Great American Swing Band Swing "missing link" Sept 1
Great Northen Indie/Alt. August
Green, Ann Patrick Pianist "missing link" July, August
Green, Charles Jazz Sax "missing link" June
Green, Hershel Baritone "missing link" August
Grupo Falso Baiano Brazilian June, August
Grupo Naukalli Latin August
Grupo Nice Latin August
Guppies Rock/Indie Sept. 26
Gutierrez, Ronnie Salsa July, August
Gypsy/Merry Mystics August
Gypsy Dolls Pop/Current Hits July, August
Gypsy's Kiss Celtic June

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Characters from Rumplestiltskin

Habla Blah Blah Childrens August
HaegumPlus Korean/World See August
Haggins, Michael Smooth Jazz June, August
Haley, Lisa & the Zydecats Zydeco June, August
Hall, Anderson Alt. Rock July
Halvorson, Mary Trio Jazz/Pop August
Hamilton, Danny/Mudslingers Roots Rock/Alt Country "missing link" July
Hamm, Dennis Trio Jazz July
Hancock, Herbie June
The Handsome Little Devils Children August
Hanggai Alt. Mongolian Folk August
Hanke, Brian Pianist June
Hansen, Judy Pianist "missing link" June
Hansen, Susie Latin Band Latin Jazz/Salsa June, July, August, Sept. 18, 27
Hapa Hawaiian Sept. 19
Happy Crowd Family July, August
Hard Days Night Beatles Tribute July
Hard Rain Blues/Country "missing link" July
Harper, George Quintet Jazz/R&B "missing link" July
Harrison, Mark August
Hash Band "missing link" June
Hawley, Christopher Sept 20
Haydn, Lili Electric Rock Violin July
Hayes, Mark Band "missing link" July
Hayes, Otis Jazz/R&B "missing link" July
Heart and Soul Latin/Pop/Dance June, July, August, Sept. 26
Heart Brigade Heart Tribute June
Heartbreaker Pat Benatar Tribute Aug, Sept 7
Heartless Heart Tribute June, Sept. 5
Helicopter Rock "missing link" July
Helios Jive June
The Hellenic Sounds Greek Sept. 4, 5, 6
Hello Cleveland "missing link" July
Help! Beatles Tribute "missing link" July, August
Henderson, Bill Jazz July
Henebry, Mike Orchestra Big Band Sept 6
Henebry's 1920 Crazy Rhythm Hot Society Orchestra Big Band July
Hensley, Trey Country July
Hernandez, Karen Jazz "missing link" August
Hernandez, Nick July
Herrera, Nachito Quintet Latin Jazz August
Hickman, Sara Childrens July
Highway 61 Revisited Dylan Tribute June
Hikari Taiko Taiko Drum August
Hill Country Country "missing link" June
Hill, Sam Guitarist "missing link" July
Hindsight "missing link" July
Hip Trigger R&B/Rock August, Sept. 19
Hitia O Te Ra Tahitian Sept. 5
Hobo Jazz Jazz July, August
Hodads Party/Variety July, August, Sept. 5
Holdship, Barry 4 Soft Rock August
Hollywood Roses Guns and Roses Tribute July
Hollywood Stones Rolling Stones Tribute August
Hollywood U2 U2 Tribute July, August
Hommel, Steve Quartet Jazz "missing link" August
Honey Honey Rock August
Honk 70s Rock July
Horvitz, Wayne Jazz/Pop August
Hoskinson, John "missing link" July
Hot August Night Neil Diamond Tribute July, August
Hot Club Quartet Early Jazz July
Hot Fab Djazz Club July
Hot Rod Trio Rockabilly "missing link" August
Hotel California A Salute to the Eagles July
Houston, Thelma Disco/Motown August
Howard, Jon T. Roots Rock/Pop August
Howlin' Blues Boogie Band Blues "missing link" July
Hudson Vagabond Puppets Childrens July
Hughes, David Group July
Hughes, Luther Jazz July
Hui O Hula Hula July
Hula Monsters 50s/Island Sept 5
Humphreys, Mark August
Hunter, Kurt Alt. Soft Rock Sept. 25
Huntington Beach Concert Band Concert Band June, July, Sept. 19
Huntington Beach HS Jazz Band Youth Jazz Band "missing link" June
Hurricane Julie and The Aftermath Classic Rock "missing link" July
Huayucaltia Latin Folk/Jazz Sept 2
Hush R&B/Disco "missing link" July
Hyperion Outfall Serenaders Dixieland "missing link" June
The Hypnotics 60s/70s July, August

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Characters from "Macbeth"

I See Hawks in LA Alt Country July, August
Identity Theft 80s July, August, Sept. 6
Imagine Beatles Tribute "missing link" August
Impact Top 40/Dance July
Inca Peruvian/Andean Sept 4, 6
Incendio Classical Guitar Trio July, August
Indigenous Soul Trio Latin Jazz "missing link" Sept. 18
Inland Valley Chorale Choral "missing link" July
Insect Surfers Surf July
Inspiration House Poetry Choir Choir/Spoken Word See August
Instant Replay Beach/Surf July
Intentions Smooth Jazz/R&B "missing link" July
Inti-Illimani Chilean August
Intveld, James Rockabilly August
Invasion British Invasion "missing link" July
Ivers, Eileen Celtic August

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J Grizz & Friends June, August
JX3 "missing link" June
Jack Chance "missing link" July
Jackson Family Band "missing link" July
Jacobs, Pete & Wartime Radio Revue 40s Big Band August
Jaguar Latin Sounds "missing link" Sept. 4, 6
The Jan and Dean Show Beach Classics "missing link" July
The Janks Folk Rock August
Javid and Naoko New Flamenco Sept. 27
Jazz America Jazz July
Jazz Angels Jazz "missing link" July
Jazz Impressions College Jazz June
Jazz Mammals Jazz June
Jazz 'N Banjos Banjo Band "missing link" July
Jazz on the Latin Side All-Stars Latin Jazz See Riso, Jose
Jeremy Buck and the Bang Alt. Rock July
Jimenez, Flaco Tex-Mex Conjunto August
John and the Orchestra June, August
John, Michael Bill Joel Tribute August
Johnny Come Lately Rockabilly/Blues "missing link" July, August
Johnny on the Spot Classic Rock Sept. 18
Johns, Michael American Idol June
Jones, Brian Lynn/Misfit Cowboys Country July, August
Jones, Delilah August
Jones, Shawn Roots Rock/Blues July, August
Jones, Tedero "missing link" July
Jorgenson, John Quintet Gypsy Jazz August
The Joshua Tree U2 Tribute Sept 19
Jourdan, Vanessa Alt. Pop June
Jukebox Heroes Elvis/Buddy Holly Tribute "missing link" July
Jump the Shark Party/Rock Sept. 4, 19
Jumping Jack Flash Rolling Stones Tribute June, July, August
Jumpin' Joz Swing August
Justus and the Montanas Country/Pop July

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Hansel and Gretel

Kahn, George Quintet Jazz July
Kahuna Cowboys Jug Band Americana August
Kaiser, Eric John "missing link" June
The Katinas Praise August
Kearney, Mat July
Kelsey, Norman June
Kennedy, Dwight Vintage Jazz July
Kenney, Matt Band Classic Rock'n Roll "missing link" July
Kenny G June
Ketchum, Anne Marie Opera Sept. 12
Kewa Ensemble Classical "missing link" Sept. 16
Khadem, Mamak Persian August
The Kid & Nic Show Classic American July
Kiddle Karoo Monster House Rock Childrens August
Killing Casanova June
King, Evelyn "Champagne" Disco July
King, Steven James Alt. Soft Rock July, Sept. 11
King Washington 60s/British August
Kirsch, Victoria Pianist "missing link" Sept. 12
Kirton, David Children August
Klein, Janet & Her Parlor Boys Vintage Jazz June, July
Kleiner, Martha Classical "missing link" June
Knight Fever "missing link" July
Knyght Ryder 80s July
Ko Tolan Latin June
Kobayashi, Ron Trio Jazz June
Kool Breeze R&B "missing link" June
Korean Dance Academy Korean Music/Dance August
Korzhev, Mikhael Pianist "missing link" July
Kubis, Tom Jazz "missing link" August
Kulayd Doo Wop July
Kwan, Heewon June

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Puppets from Robin Hood

L.A. Acoustic "missing link" June
L.A. Blue Oldies/R&B/Latin July
L.A. Blues Variety/Rock "missing link" August
L.A. Bluescasters R&B June, July, August
L.A. Jones Diverse Blues "missing link" June
L.A. Love Band Jazz/Blues/Soul "missing link" Sept. 26
LCR Classic Rock "missing link" July
La Cat Reggae July
La Charanga Cubana Cuban July
La Fanfare du Belgistan Gypsy/World July
La Grange ZZ Top Tribute August
La Internacional Sonora Show Tropical/Latin Jazz July
La Palabra Salsa August
La Santa Cecilia Pan-Latin August
Laguna Beach Community Concert Band Concert Band July
Lantz, Jack Big Band Big Band/Swing "missing link" July
The Late Bloomers Acoustic Folk "missing link" August
Latin Lowdown Latin "missing link" Sept. 4, 6
Latin Society Latin "missing link" July, August, Sept. 11
Latin Soul Connection Latin/Funk/Alt 80s "missing link" July, August
Lauderdale, Jim Bluegrass July
Lavner, Jeff Pianist June
Le Van, Michael Jazz Sept. 3
Le Jazz Hot Vintage Jazz See Kennedy, Dwight July
Led Zepagain Led Zeppelin Tribute August
Lee, Jason/Riptides Surf "missing link" August
Lee, Sungae Pianist Sept. 6
Leftover Cuties Indie Pop August
Legacy "missing link" August
The Legendary Mustangs Blues Rock Sept. 19
LeMel, Gary Jazz "missing link" Sept 25
Lemon Street Sept. 5
Lemvo, Ricardo/Makina Loca Afro-Cuban July
Lesure, Jacques Group Jazz Guitar August
Lewis, Crystal Praise August
Lewis, "Lazy" Brad Blues/Rock Country June, July, Sept 2
Lie, Terje Jazz Sept. 25
Lightnin' George Classic Rock/Blues June
Lights Journey Tribute June, July
L'il Mo/Dynaflows Rock n Roll "missing link" August
Lines, Paul Quartet Jazz August
Linsey, Wayne Jazz June
LIRA Jazz Sept 3
Little Freddie "missing link" June
Littleton Brothers Jazz "missing link" July
The Lively Ones Surf Sept. 6
Lo Cor de la Plana French A Capella See July
Locos Por Juana Latin Rock July
Long Beach Municipal Band Municipal Band June, Tues - Fri July to August
The Long Run Eagles Tribute July, August
Loomis and the Lust Funk Rock August
Lord George Fryer British Beat Sept. 5
Los Angeles Children's Chorus Youth Chorus July
Los Angeles Jazz Collective Jazz/Pop July
Los Angeles Opera Opera July
Los Angeles Police Swing Band Jazz June, July
Los Cenzontles Mexican Roots August
Los Compadres Latin/Dance July
Los Fabulocos July, August
Los Felinos de la Noche Latin July
Los Pistoleros Tex-Mex/Latin and Blues/Rock "missing link" July, August
Lovell Sisters Bluegrass July
Low Tide Five June
Lu, Fanny Latin August
Lucky 7 Mambo/Jazz August
The Lucky Stars Western Swing July
Lucky, Steve/Rhumba Bums Swing/Blues & Jazz Sept. 4
Lucretia Talent Kids Children's "missing link" July
Luke Top Alternative "missing link" August
The Lynx Technique Indie/Rock Sept. 26
Lyris String Quartet Classical "missing link" July
Lysy, Antonio Cellist June

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