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ver the years the Links page has grown tremendously with the number of venues added to the listings and the number of artists appearing at the concerts. In 2008, the page was the largest - and the most slowly loading - page on the site. As a result, this year it is being split into three sections. The motto of the three musketeers - "All for One and One for All" seemed a fitting way to convey that the three pages are still part of the same one links section. Since some cities/venues do not release their concert information until well into June or later (depending on the series), the Links section is continually updated during the summer as information is received. Click on a link below to go to one of the three sections. Also, this year you will find images of puppets from an extensive collection interspersed throughout the "Links" pages. Read more about the puppets below, and continue scrolling down the page to see the images.

•  CITY AND ART/POETRY LINKS  •           •  BAND LINKS A - L  •           •   BAND LINKS M - Z  •


* * PLEASE NOTE: Band links are added to the section on a continuing basis and updated throughout the summer, and "missing links" are filled in as websites are located. There are still many more names to be added and shows to be included. If you don't find the information you're looking for, please send an e-mail message to the site or try back a little later! * *

    The information included in the section is in the following format: artist or band name, type of music, website/link and date(s) of performance(s). Details for concerts dates are included in the listings during the current month. All listings are alphabetical, and you can click on a letter below or scroll down the page to view the entire section of band links. Any information on band links which have not been located ("missing link") is appreciated.

M  |  N  |  O  |  P  |  Q  |  R  |  S  |  T  |  U  |  V  |  W  |  X  |  Y  |  Z

This summer, is pleased to be able to present images of puppets from an extensive collection of U.S. and international puppets. A brochure from their home base says of puppetry that "it is an art form communicating beyond age, culture, ethnicity, language and education." Puppets have existed in many cultures for centuries, and modern puppets are rooted in the folklore of Europe and Asia. There are many kinds of puppets including hand puppets, rod puppets, shadow puppets and marionettes. World Book Encyclopaedia says that "The word "marionette" [puppets controlled by string or wires] comes from Little Mary, a type of puppet of the Middle Ages. During this period, which began about A.D. 400 and lasted through the 1400s, many people could not read or write. Priests used Little Marys to teach stories from the Bible. Marionette shows gradually became comic plays that were intended to entertain rather than teach religious lessons. But the plays grew so coarse and worldly that religious authorities refused to let them be performed in churches. Marionette shows then became street entertainments that were performed in parks and at fairs." Included on the links pages are images of puppets from shows based on folk tales, familiar characters from stories and literature, fables and international myths and plays. The "City Links" page and "Bands A - L" contain puppets primarily from the U.S., and "Bands M - Z" page has both international puppets and puppets from U.S. shows based on international stories or characters. All images are presented courtesy of this summer's guest. Information accompanying the images includes the origin of the puppet and the character or story represented.

M.A.S.S. Music and Art August
MC Rai ElectroPop July
Magical Mystery Tour Beatles Tribute "missing link" July
Magnolia Avenue Baptist Church Choir Senior Choir "missing link" June
Maika, Danny June, July, August, Sept. 4, 13, 20
The Maitais Surf Sept. 5, 26
Malone, Kyp See Rain Machine Sept. 26
Mamifero Traditional "missing link" July
Mancini, Nick Quartet Jazz June, July
Mandrill Funk July, August
Mango Sept. 4
Manley, Cynthia Pop/Rock & Blues July
The Mannish Boys Blues August
The Mardels Party Band July
Mardones, Benny August
Mariachi Anacatlan Mariachi "missing link" August
Mariachi Divas All-Female Mariachi June, July, August, Sept. 27
Mariachi Juvenil Mariachi "missing link" July
Mariachi King Jose Hernandez Mariachi "missing link" August
Mariachi Los Palmeros Mariachi "missing link" July
Mariachi Reyna de Los Angeles All-Female Mariachi August
Mariachi Youth Academy Mariachi "missing link" Sept. 26
Marina Del Rey Summer Symphony Classical July, August
Marina V Alt. Pop June
Marine Corps ACGG Band Patriotic/Americana "missing link" August
Mark B Surf/Acoustic Sept. 6
Marshall, Eldred Pianist July
Marshall, Mike See Anger, Darol July
Martin, Scott Jazz/Latin Soul June, July, August, Sept. 19
Masanga Marimba Ensemble World/African July
Masters of Reality Black Sabbath, Ozzy Osborne Sept. 4
Masterson, Chase July
Matos, Bobby Ensemble Afro-Latin Jazz July
Maturo Singer/Composer "missing link" July
Max and the Moon Indie Rock August
McCreary, Bear Battlestar Galactica June
McGuire, Kelly Funky Soul "missing link" July
McKee, Crystal Folk/Pop June
McLennan, Boomer & the Rhythm Rangers Country "missing link" Sept 3
McNair, Loretta June
Mehana with Auntie Geri Hawaiian "missing link" July
Meiko Singer Songwriter August
Meisinger, Bernie July, August, Sept. 20
Melissa y su West Coast Swing Latin August
Melody Masters Big Band "missing link" July
Members Lonely 80s "missing link" July
Memphis Project "missing link" July, Aug
Mentiritas Ska, Cumbia, Banda August
Merchants of Moonshine Country Sept. 18
Merritt, Tift Folk July
Mezo, Laszlo Cellist July
Michael, Raymond Elvis/Tom Jones July, August
Midori Classical Sept. 2
The Mids Rock/Blues "missing link" July
Mighty Cash Cats Johnny Cash Tribute July
Mighty Mo Rogers/New Bluez Blues "missing link" June
Mika Miko Punk July
Millcreek Boys Sept. 6
Millcreek Jr. HS Youth Band "missing link" June
Miller, Marcus Jazz "missing link" June
The Minus 5 Original Rock/REM August
Misajons, Kevin One Man Music Experience Sept. 6
Misplaced Priorities Classic Rock June
Missiles of October August
Missing Links July
Missing Persons "missing link" July
Missing Since Yesterday Alt. June
Mitchell's Folly July
Mladi Chamber Orchestra Classical July
Mo Betta Blues Blues "missing link" Sept. 5
Mobetta Loretta Folk Blues June, August
Modest Fur Indie July
Mohr, Josh July
Monche, Jean-Paul World "missing link" Sept. 12
Money Mark Keyboards/Alt. June
Monogroove Pop/Rock June
Monte Carlo 76 Latin August
Montoya, Coco Blues/Rock August
Moon, Zola Blues July, August
Moondance Swing/Big Band July
Mora, Dean Big Band/20s July, August
Moraes, Katia Brazilian Samba June, July
Moraga, Vic Band Latin/Variety July, August
More, Yari y su Orquesta Latin/Salsa July, August
Morgan, Michael Paul/Rogues Rockin' Blues July
Morley Soul July
Morrison, Barbara Jazz June, July
Morrison, Sam Band Rock/Southern Rock July, August
Morrow, Neil Rock N Roll Sept. 19
Mortilla, Michael "missing link" July
The Motels Rock August
Moultrie, Carly Singers Youth Group "missing link" August
Moving Pictures Rush Tribute Sept 4
Mr. Vallenato Cumbia/Tropical See August
Ms. Fae DC Funk "missing link" June
Mucho Wednesdays DJs Latin August
Murphy, Chris Band Sept 13
Murs July
Musa, Zane Group Jazz August
Music of the Magi "missing link" August
Music Factor Youth Band "missing link" July
Music Masters Swing "missing link" June
Music Untold Orchestra Symphonic "missing link" June
Musso, Mitchel Disney June
Mylin "missing link" July
Mystic Journey See Teng, Suzanne July

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Puppets from "The Wedding of Cucaracha Mondinga"

Nakashio, Isamu Guitarist "missing link" August
Naked Eyes Synth-Pop June, August
The Nalu Boys Hawaiian August
Nanette and her Hotsy Totsy Boys Roaring 20s July
Nash, Larry/Jazz Symphonics Jazz July
Nashville, Nick Country/Tex-Mex "missing link" July, Sept. 9
National Dust Southern Rock July, Sept 18
Naughton, Naturi "Fame" Musical Sept. 23
The Neblinas "missing link" August 2
The Neil Deal Neil Young Tribute June, Sept. 6
Nelson, Lukas/Promise of the Real Pop/Rock August
Neon Nation 80s June, July, August
The New Fidelity Power-Pop June
New Valley Symphony Orchestra Symphony Sept. 18
Nicholas, Thomas Band August
Nicholson Pipes and Drums Bagpipe Band "missing link" July
Night Blooming Jazzmen Dixieland July, August
A Night in Mumbai Bollywood August
Nitro Express Country Rock June, July
Niyaz Sufi/World Sept. 12
No Duh No Doubt Tribute July
Nolan, Tom Band R&B/Soul August
Nolan, Vincent Classic Rock "missing link" June
Non-P August
Northern 45 Band Alt/Classic Rock "missing link" Sept. 18
Noteworthy Duo Classical August
Novalima Latin Folk, Funk & Salsa July
Nutty Jazz July

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Hand puppet from Taiwan and others

Oakes, Rod Quintet Jazz "missing link" August
Oberbeck, Danny Irish/Celtic June, July, August
Oceangrass Sept 27
Odelia June
Okura, Meg Pan-Asian Chamber Jazz August
Old Blind Dogs Scottish Folk Sept 5
Oli Silk Jazz "missing link" July
Olin and the Moon Indie Folk-Rock August
Oliver, Steve Jazz "missing link" June
Omar Faruk Tekbilek Ensemble Turkish/Mid. Eastern August
Omarr, Vel & P'zazz Band August
ON Ensemble Taiko/Electronica August
Once More Vintage Rock "missing link" July
One Drop Redemption Bob Marley Tribute June
One Way Ticket "missing link" July
O'Neal, Sean Organist "missing link" Sept. 23
O'Neill, Nikki Modern Blues "missing link" August
Oney, Tish Pianist July
Ontario Chaffee Community Show Band Community Band June, July
OO Soul Soul/Funk July
Opa Opa Salsa August
Opera A La Carte Opera August
Opeus Classic/Alt Rock "missing link" Sept 24
Open Wide Classic Rock July, August
Orange County Concert Band Show Band "missing link" August
Orange County Pacific Symphony Orchestra June, August
Orange County Wind Symphony Wind Orchestra "missing link" June
Orange Empire Chorus Barbershop "missing link" June
Orgone Dance Party Sept. 24
Original Sacrifice Oldies, Funk, Latin July, Sept. 4, 20
Orion Saxophone Quartet Classical "missing link" Sept. 9
Orquesta Charangoa Cuban Charanga July, August
Osborne, Laura Flutist "missing link" July
Oto Ambient/Expmt'l August
Outer Wave Surf June
Owens, Charles Quintet Jazz "missing link" June

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Bird based on the Russian folk legend of The Firebird

PCC Swing Band Student Band July
Pacific Coast Highway Light Rock "missing link" July
Pacific Symphony Orchestra See Orange County Pacific Symphony
Padilla, Rocky Top 40/Latin August
Painkillers "missing link" July
Palm Drive Classic Rock "missing link" August
Pan African Peoples Arkestra Jazz "missing link" July
Pantoja, Rique Latin Jazz Sept. 23
Papa Doo Run Run Beach Boys/Surf June
Paperback Hero Rock July, August
Paperback Writer Beatles Tribute June
Party Jones Pop/Dance/Soul June, July, August, Sept. 11
Pasadena Summer Youth Chamber Orchestra Classical "missing link" July
Pawnshop Kings Rock, Gospel, Country July, Aug
Peace Frog Doors Tribute Sept. 7
Pearl, Bernie Band Old School Blues July
Penner Joel Sextet Jazz "missing link" August
Pennie, Collins "Fame" Musical Sept. 23
Perea, Yvonne Blues/Rock June
Perez, Yolanda Latin July
The Perfect Gentlemen A Cappella/ Barbershop July
Perino, Bobby Orchestra Big Band August
Perry, Leslie Childrens July
Person to Person Pop/Rock June, July
Petitto, Jacqueline Pianist August
Petty Theft Tom Petty Tribute June
Pharaoh's Daughter Hasidic/World July
Phat Cat Swinger Swing/Jazz July, August
Piazza, Rod/Mighty Flyers Blues "missing link" July
Pierce, Chris Soul August
Pine Mountain Logs (See also Venice) Pop/Rock June
Pirates of the Black Swan Pirate/English Rock music Sept. 6
Pistolera Alt. Latin Pop-Rock July
Placentia Symphonic Band Concert Band "missing link" July
Platinum Rock Stars Rock Legend Tribute Sept. 6, 18
The Platters Live 50s Soul "missing link" July
Playback 60s, 70s, 80s "missing link" August
Playing for Change Band July
Pleasant Valley Sunday Monkees Tribute June
Polanco, Johnny Salsa July, Aug, Sept. 11
Pomona Concert Band Community Band Thurs July - Aug
Porkchop Tom "missing link" July
Porter, Willy Guitarist June
Potato Salad Rock July
Powder July
The Praties August
Present Tense Jazz "missing link" July
Priest, JD Soulful Rock July, Sept 4
Proffit, Kirsten Pop/Rock June
Proud Mary Tina Turner Tribute July, August
Proulx, Billy/The Crew Blues July, August, Sept 16
Puentes, Adonis Band Jazz July
Puorto, Shari Blues/Rock "missing link" July, August
Putamayo Kids Childrens "missing link" August
The Pyronauts Surf June

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Quetzal Latin Rock June

Characters based on the Russian folk legend of The Firebird.

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Radaid Electronic Jazz Sept. 9
Raging Sun Blues July
Raichel, Idan Project Israeli Pop/World August
Rain Machine Jazz, Bluegrass, Rock Sept. 26
Rain People Reggae July
Raining Jane Folk-Rock June
Ramel, Brooke Acoustic Pop/Soft Rock June, July, Sept. 20, 26
Ramon, Albert Tejano/Cumbia/Oldies "missing link" July
The Ramonas All Female Ramones Tribute Sept 11
Rams de la Sierra Latin August
Ranelin, Phil Jazz July
Rau, Andy Band Folk Rock August
Ravel, Freddie Tropical Jazz/Rock August
The Ravelers Classic Rock June, July, August
Rebelution Upbeat Reggae/Pop "missing link" July
Red Cortez Rock July
Red Molly "missing link" June
Redlands Symphony Orchestra Classical See July, August
Redstone Hall Rock August
Reed, Eric Trio Jazz July
The Reel Band June
Reflux Top 40s July, August
The Refugees Tom Petty Tribute July
Regalado, Rudy Jazz/Salsa "missing link" August
The Regular Guys Rockin' Blues "missing link" August
The Relix Surf July
Remember Then Classic Favorites "missing link" July
The Remus Lupins Wizard Rock July
Reno Jones Blues Rock August
Replay Classic Rock "missing link" June
Reunion 80s/R&B "missing link" June
Retro Rebels Rock 'n Roll June
The Rhythm Club AllStars R&B "missing link" June
Rhythm Devoted June
The Rhythm Generators R&B July
Richmond, Kim Jazz Orchestra Jazz June
Rickman, Eliza Alternative June
Riders of the Purple Sage Country July
Rio Duran Duran Tribute August
Riptides Surf "missing link" July
Riso, Jose/Jazz on the Latin Side AllStars Latin Jazz June, Sept. 26
Rivera, Pedro Banda July
Riverside County Philharmonic Orchestra July
Riverside Lyric Opera Opera July
Riverside Master Chorale Choral Group "missing link" July
Riverside Blues Club Blues "missing link" July
Riverside Concert Band Community Band "missing link" June
Robinson, Cyndey "missing link" June
The Rock-Its 50s/60s Rock "missing link" July
Rockit Scientists 50s/60s Rock July, August
Rod Lightning & Thunderbolts of Love Rock "missing link" July, August
Rodeo Drive Broadway August
Rodriguez, Bobby Latin Jazz June
Roland, Jimmy R&B "missing link" June
Ronny and the Classics Classic 50s/60s June, July, August
Rose, Billy "missing link" July
Rose, Iliana Cuban/Salsa July
Ross, J.T. Band Blues/Jazz "missing link" Sept. 12
Ross, Jimbo Blues/Hot Fiddle July
Rossdale, Gavin Rock/Alt August
Rossi, Lukas See Stars Down July
Rost, Ryan Quartet Jazz July
Roth, Steve Elvis Tribute "missing link" July
Roulette Rock August
Rpl Effect Pop/Rock "missing link" June
Rubber Soul Beatles Tribute August
The Rugged & Official Biz "missing link" June
Runner, Ashley/West 10 Country Sept. 18
Rushing, Ben See also August
Russell, Kate Country Rock July
Ryche, C.G. Eclectic World "missing link" June, Sept. 18

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Characters based on the Japanese story of The Melon Thief.

SMC Emeritus College Lyric Chorus Senior Chorus June
Sacrifice "missing link" Sept 4
Sadler, Janelle Vocalist July
Sagal, David Quintet Jazz "missing link" June
Saint Andrew's Choir Church Choir June
Salsa Celtica Scottish-Latin Fusion July
San Bernardino Symphony Orchestra June, Sept. 6, 26
San Clemente High School Jazz Band Student Jazz Band "missing link" June
Sanchez, Poncho Latin Jazz July, August, Sept. 11, 12
Sandbloom, Kevin Soul/Pop June
Sangria Top 40/Latin July, August, Sept. 3
Santero Latin August
Sapadilla Steel Drum/Reggae June, July, August
Sashamon July
Satisfaction Rolling Stones Tribute July
Saucy Monky Jazz "missing link" Sept 11
Saunders, Carl Sextet Jazz July
Saunders, Theo Sextet Jazz "missing link" August
Savage City R&B "missing link" July
Schneiderman, John Guitarist Sept. 27
School of Rock Classic Rock "missing link" August
Schwayze July
Scout's Honor Youth Band "missing link" July
Scranton, Marilyn Pianist "missing link" July
Second Time Around Classic Rock "missing link" July
Secret Samurai Surf August
Segovia, Esther Latin Vocalist August
Sellers, Joey Jazz Sept. 3
Sellers, Michael Pianist Sept. 9
Session, Michael Sextet Jazz "missing link" Sept 4
Sgt. Pepper Beatles Tribute "missing link" July
Sha Na Na Classic Rock 'n Roll July
Shades of Blue Diverse Blues "missing link" Sept. 25
Shakey Pete June
Shannon, Joy & the Beauty Marks Celtic Rock July
Sharp, Maia Singer Songwriter "missing link" July
Sharpe, Edward/Magnetic Zeroes Rock July
Shaw, Amanda Cajun/Pop June
Shea, Rick July, Sept. 4
Sheldon, Rich July
Shockley, Matt June, July, Sept. 3, 19
Shorecliffs Jazz Band Student Jazz Band "missing link" June
Sibling Rivalry R&B/Dance "missing link" July
Sidi, Sebastian Jazz Fusion June, July
The Silver Beatles Beatles Tribute August
The Silverados Country June, July, Aug, Sept. 26
Silvestri, Martin Pianist "missing link" July
Simmons, Christian Country August
Simon, Emilie Acoustic & Electronic July
Sims, Ricky June
Sin Twins R&B Revue R&B Show Band "missing link" August
Sir John Troy British Ballads Sept. 5
Skinny Little Twits Pop/Classic Rock July
Slacktone Surf June
Sligo Rags Irish July, Aug, Sept. 4, 5, 6
Slimtones "missing link" July
Slingtown Country Rock "missing link" June
Smith, Aaron Nigel Childrens July, August
Smith, Duane Smitty Jazz "missing link" June
Solacz Rock/Soul June, August
Solomon, KB Paul Robeson Tribute See August
Son del Sur Latin August
Sonoclip Latin July
Soo, Betty Pop/Folk August
Sorez, Juan Carlos Guitar "missing link" June
Soto Latin/R&B August
Soul Sacrifice Santana Tribute Sept. 7
Soulicious Soul July
Sound FX Jazz/Pop/Dance July, Sept. 12
Soundbytes Disco/Pop June, July, August
Sounds of The Supremes Supremes Tribute July, August
The Soundwaves Surf June
Southbound Allman Bros. Tribute June
Southern Cal. Lyric Theater Musical Theater "missing link" August
Soy Disco Latin August
Spare Time Smooth Jazz "missing link" July
The Spazmatics 80s Sept 6
Spice Latin Jazz "missing link" June, July
Spirtas, Kevin Vocalist July
SPLASH! Covers "missing link" July
Split Rock and Blues "missing link" August
Spotlight 405 "missing link" August
Sprague, Peter String Consort Jazz June
Spring Standards Indie-Folk July, Sept. 4
Springsteen Bruce Springsteen Tribute July, August
Squirrel Nut Zippers Southern Roots July
St. Mary's Ballet Folklorico Folklorico Dance "missing link" Sept. 26
Stanley, James Lee Singer Songwriter July
Stardust Sounds Big Band "missing link" July
Stars Down July
Starving for Gravity Rock July
Steel Parade Steel Drum/Calypso June, August
Stepping Feet Dave Matthews Tribute July
Still Standing July
Stipp, Neil Organist July, Sept. 16
Stone Free Experience Jimi Hendrix Tribute Sept. 5
Stone Soul Motown June, July, August, Sept 6
Stoneback, Rob Jazz "missing link" August
Storm, Dave/Thunder Creek Band Country "missing link" August
Strange Crew Eric Clapton Tribute "missing link" July
String Planet Classical August
String Project LA Classical July, Aug
Suave R&B/Latin June, July, August, Sept. 12
Sugah Daddy Swing/Blues June, August, Sept. 26
Sullivan Hall Band Soul Review "missing link" July
Sullivan, Michael Band Singer/Songwriter June, July, Sept 4
Summer of Love Late 60s June, July, Aug
Sunjoo, Yeo Soprano "missing link" June
Sunshine Brothers June
The Supergroovers June
Superlark Classic Rock "missing link" August
Surf Cats Surf "missing link" August
Surf City Allstars Jan & Dean/Beach Boys Sept 3
The Surfin' Safaris Surf/Beach July
Surfing Safaris Surf/Beach July
Suzy/Back Boners June
SWAY Contempo. Country June, July, Sept. 19
The Sweet Rock July
Sweet Baby J'ai Jazz/Blues June
Swing Cats Big Band/Swing June, July, August
Swing, Inc. Swing "missing link" July, August
Swing Shift August
Swing Syndicate Swing "missing link" Sept. 6
Swingsations Swing "missing link" July
Switchback Sept. 6
Szpakiewicz, Marek Classical "missing link" Sept. 19

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Indonesian puppets

TAG Pop/Covers "missing link" June
Tabu "missing link" July
Tagaq, Tanya Inuk Throat Singer See August
Taiko Project Taiko Drums July
The Tap Chicks Sr. Tap Ensemble "missing link" June
Ta'raach Sept. 2
Tash, Diana Mezzo-Soprano June
Tassi, Tommy/The Authentics 50s-60s Classics "missing link" June, August
Tekbile, Omar Faruk Ensemble Turkish/Mid. Eastern August
Teng, Suzanne World July
Tete "missing link" June
Thee Rhythm Kings Jazz/Blues "missing link" July, Sept. 12
Tenkoff, Michael Violinist "missing link" July
The Tequila Worms Surf Sept. 5
Thank U Drive Thru Classic Hits Sept. 5
Thee Mad Latins Latin/R&B Sept. 12
Thee Rhythm Kings Jazz/R&B Sept. 12
Them Novus World Acoustic June
Thin Ice Rock August
Third Day Praise August
Third Wheel Classical Sept. 16
Thorn, Paul Blues/Country August
Thornbird Alt. Rock July
Thorpe, Adrina Alt. Pop June
Tierra R&B/Latin July, August, Sept. 20
Tiffany Pop July
Tijuana Dogs Rock/Pop July, August, Sept. 27
Tisdale, Ashley Pop August
Titanic Johnson July
Tizer, Lao Jazz June, August
Toad the Wet Sprocket Alt. Rock August
Tomlin, Chris Praise August
Tomlin, Kenny R&B/Neo-Soul July, Sept. 4
The Topics "missing link" July
Tork, Peter Monkees See Missing Links July
Torrance Symphony Symphony Orchestra August
Toto La Momposina Columbian August
Touch of Gray Classic Rock "missing link" July
Traore, Rokia Malian Afro-Soul August
Traveling Homeboys "missing link" July
Triada Guitar Trio Classical Guitar June
Trio Loco Jazz "missing link" August
The Trip "missing link" July
Trish Ann's Syde FX "missing link" June
Trombone Shorty/Orleans Avenue Jazz June
Tru Rythm and Soul Sept. 5
Truth Movement June
Tsunami Blue Surf June
Tulio, Marco Guitarist June
Tumbling Tumbleweeds Country "missing link" July
Turn the Page Bob Seger Tribute July
Turner, Eric Band "missing link" June
Turner, Nadia Singer/Am. Idol "missing link" July
Twigface Acoustic Pop-Rock June, July, August
The Tydes Surf "missing link" Sept. 25

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Character from Peer Gynt, a five-act play by Norwegian dramatist Henrik Ibsen loosely based on the fairy tale Per Gynt.

UCLA Jazz Combos and Ensembles Jazz June
UCR Salsa Club Salsa Dance June, July, Aug
U.S. Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center Band Military Band "missing link" August
U.S. Navy Band Southwest Pop to Patriotic "missing link" July
The Uncalled For June
Undercover Radio Rockers June, August
UnderCoverGirls Classic Rock June, July, August
Unkle Monkey Tropical Rock June
Ultimate Source "missing link" July
Union Line Alternative July
Upground Latin Ska July, August
Upright Cabaret Cabaret/Jazz August
Upstream Caribbean June, July, Sept 10
Urban Dread Bob Marley Tribute "missing link" August
Urban Fyre Reggae June, July, August

Other characters from Peer Gynt

V Factory Pop Sept. 23
Vagabond Opera Eclectic Cabaret August
Vagabond Puppets Childrens July
Van Taylor, Louis Jazz August
Vana, Johnny/Big Band Alumni Big Band/Swing July
Vappie, Don/Creole Jazz Serenaders New Orleans Jazz August
Vasen Swedish Folk July
Vatos, Johnny Rock/Oingo Boingo "missing link" June
Venice (See also Pine Mountain Logs) Pop/Rock July, August
Venice Maki July
Vera, Billy/The Beaters July
Verbtones Surf "missing link" August
Verdugo Swing Society Swing/Big Band "missing link" July
Very Be Careful Columbian Vallenato August
Vibe Tribe Oldies July
Villanueva, Gabby Singer/Songwriter July
Villela, Claudia Brazilian Jazz August
Vincent, Eric See Diamond Cutters
Vitalogy Pearl Jam Tribute July, August
Viver Brasil Brazilian July
Volumen Cero Latin Rock Sept 4
Vox Aurea Youth Choir July
Voxhaul Broadcast Alt. Rock July
Vuong, Karen Soprano "missing link" June
Vybration A Cappella Sept. 9

Walking Phoenixes Johnny Cash Tribute June
Wake the Bard Traditional Celtic "missing link" June, August
Walker, Darryl Project Jazz "missing link" July
Walker, J.B./Chaparral Country "missing link" July
Walo, Andy Trio Blues August
Walter Fox Singers Opera Sept. 1
Warner, Alan Musicologist See July
Warner, Malcolm-Jamal and Miles Long July
Warpaint Rock July
Warsop, Davey "missing link" July
Washington, Kamasi Jazz June, July
Watcha Clan World/Reggae July
Watene, Amos June
Watrous, Bill Quartet Jazz August
Watson, Cedric Cajun/Zydeco August
Watts, Ernie Quartet Jazz July
Wells, Tracy Big Band Big Band/Swing July
Wendel, Ben Group Jazz August
West African Highlife Band African July
West Covina Symphony Orchestra August
West, Jim "Kimo" Slack Key Guitar Sept. 15
West, John Jazz/Acoustic August
Westminster Chorus Barbershop "missing link" August
Which One's Pink Pink Floyd Tribute August
Whiskey Tango Classic Rock "missing link" June
Whitcomb, Ian Vintage Jazz/Tin Pan Alley July
Whole Lotta Rosies All Female AC/DC Tribute Sept 12
The Whomping Willows Wizard Rock "missing link" July
The Whooligans Irish "missing link" July
Why, Marc Group July
Whyte, Scott/The Bromantics Classic Rock/Top 40 "missing link" July
The Wild Cats "missing link" June
Wild Child Doors Tribute July, August
The Wild Magnolias New Orleans Funk August
Wilfax June
Wilkins, Belinda Mezzo-Soprano "missing link" June
Williams, Chelsea Vocalist July
Wilson, Brad June
Wilson, Gerald Orchestra Jazz wilson July
Wilson, Kalil Jazz July
Wimberley Bluegrass Band Bluegrass "missing link" Sept. 5
The Wiseguys Big Band Machine Big Band/Swing June, July, August
Witcher Brothers Bluegrass July
Witt, Alicia August
Wolfe, Gregory Rod Stewart Tribute July, August
The Wonderelles 50s Revue July
Wood, Mark/The West Country July

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Characters from "Journey to the West," the story of how Buddhism reached China from India

There are no listings in this section at this time.

Yarbrough, Raya Jazz July
Yard Sale Variety July, Sept. 25, 26
Yarmy's Army Variety "missing link" August
Yeh Dede August
Yolanda Creole Woman New Orleans Jazz/Zydeco "missing link" August
Young Dubliners Celtic Rock July
Young, Gregg/2nd Street Band Jazz/Steel Drum June, July, Aug, Fri/Sat Sept.
Young, Snooky Jazz "missing link" Sept 11

Zasloff, David/Whole Band Jazz "missing link" July
Zepidemic Led Zeppelin Tribute Sept. 6
Zimmer, Lee Classical Guitar July
Zoppo, Adriana Classical "missing link" August

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