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     This summer was pleased to include the works of a Guest Poet. She graciously allowed five of the poems from her most recent book to appear on the site. 2013 NOTE: THE TEXT OF THE POEMS IS NOT INCLUDED, BUT SINCE ARTWORK WAS CREATED FOR EACH OF THE POEM PAGES, EACH OF THOSE PAGES IS AVAILABLE BY CLICKING THE TITLES BELOW. (Poems were based on aspects of the months of the year.)

The text which originally apppeared here described the book of poetry at greater length. Each of the poems (pieces) was from a particular division of the overall book (whole).

January -
     Poem: Sukoshi/Little Bites
February -
     Poem: Even Now
March -
April -
May -
June -
July -
August -
     Poem: Listen
September -
October -
     Poem: The Flowering Eye
November -
     Poem: Presence
December -

     More information about the Guest Poet was available on the site's "Guest" page.

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