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     Welcome to for Summer 2007. In case you haven't already noticed, this is the site's fifth anniversary summer! From time to time there is a need to tell you about things that don't fit into other areas of the site. This includes information about what's new this year and also about month to month changes taking place. Please check back periodically - you can get to this page directly from the Home page and all the other major sections!

•  NEWS FLASH 9/26/2007 - Welcome to the final full day of for Summer 2007! At some point tomorrow the site will go back to its fall/winter/spring format. Please continue to stick around, as October brings with it a number of festivals, the opening of the symphony season (more information further down the page), and the start of many holiday events.


•  OCTOBER SCHEDULES: - For those of you who have been with the site for a while, you know that there are two distinct phases of the site each year: summer and fall/winter/spring. The site will go back to its fall/winter/spring text-only format at some point on the 27th. The remainder of the September schedule should be available by late in the day on the 27th or early on the 28th. October listings will be available by Saturday morning, September 29th. Thank you for visiting the site this summer. It's been a pleasure speaking with many of you at the concerts, and your comments and suggestions have been appreciated.

•  FALL SYMPHONY CONCERTS. Many of you are anxiously awaiting the start of the symphony season. The following are dates for symphony concerts coming up in October. Details will be included with the October listings, with the exception of the Rio Hondo Symphony. The Rio Hondo Symphony's first concert is September 30. Upcoming fall symphony performances are as follows: Oct. 7 - Santa Monica Symphony; Oct. 14 - Symphony in the Glen; Oct. 20 - La Mirada Symphony; Oct. 20 - Torrance Symphony; Oct. 21 - Claremont Symphony; Oct. 26 - Beach Cities Symphony and Nov. 10 - Culver City Symphony, with the Carson-Dominguez Symphony schedule TBA.

•  Featured Artists - Featured Artists are musicians or concert series drawn from the summer concert performances. Two are named each month, one for the first half of the month and one for the second half. The Featured Artists section has concluded for the summer. View all the 2007 Featured Artists by clicking here.

•  Show of the Week - Show of the Week information runs from Monday through Sunday of each week. The listings can be found on the Concerts By Date main calendar page of the free concerts section. The final "Show of the Week" segment for summer 2007 is September 10 - 16.

•  2007 Theme - "Pieces: Whole"


     For the 5th Anniversary Summer of, daVid (spelled to emphasize the "V," also the Roman numeral for five), pays a visit to the site. Michelangelo's classic work of art, one of the most familiar figures in the world, is "alive" and well in Southern California.

     The "pieces" photos on the home page and above on the left are not clever works of digital deconstruction. The figure, David/Fallen Monument, sits on a grassy knoll in between the library and the computer science and engineering building on the California State University Fullerton campus (ironically, home of the CSUF Titans). The statue was an identical marble replica of Michelangelo's daVid which stood at the Forest Lawn cemetery in Cypress for nearly 20 years. It fell and broke during the 1987 Whittier Narrows earthquake. According to a plaque at the statue's base, Forest Lawn donated the fragments to CSUF for installation as a fallen monument, analogous to the countless fallen monuments that have come down throughout history. It was installed on the campus in 1989.

     Given that this is Southern California, home to an entertainment industry which can create or re-create just about anything, it didn't take long to find the "whole" to accompany the "pieces," or the daVid above on the right. This fully intact daVid (adorned with a few small touches of graffiti here and there), is about all that remains accessible at the former Movieland Wax Museum complex in Buena Park. The statue once graced the entryway of a facility adjacent to the museum called the Palace of Living Arts. That attraction was closed many years ago, and Movieland has been shuttered for several years as well. This daVid still stands, visible from Beach Boulevard, just slightly behind and to the right of that quintessential symbol of the modern age, Starbucks.

     Forget for a moment, please, the story of daVid as giant killer. That has nothing to do with the figure's presence on the site this summer, and it is only a small chapter in daVid's long history. Other symbolic or visual metaphors also will be left for others to ponder over and comment on elsewhere. Instead, think of Michelangelo's vision and creation of daVid as heroic figure, larger-than-life statue gazing confidently off into the distance. Contrast that with the prone pieces strewn across the grass. Information engraved at the base of the fallen monument tells the viewer that "the installation provides a unique opportunity to closely view and appreciate the powerful and monumental forms of Michelangelo." It does. But the disembodied pieces alone, even if they are all the same parts, can't re-convey the majesty and the splendor of the statue created as Michelangelo intended.

     This summer the site celebrates and salutes the vision of creators - those who take basic parts, whether they be notes of the musical scale, words and phrases, film and light, paint and canvas, or any other material - and turn them into a whole much greater than the pieces from which they are made. And with a summer full of free music, movies, art and more, what better a way to celebrate!

•  Inland Empire concert pages - Since the site's inception, the concert listings have been divided into four categories listed both by city and by date: All Cities, Los Angeles County, Orange County, and Other Cities. This year the "Other Cities" sections officially becomes the Inland Empire concert pages. Cities in this section will be added gradually over the next year or two, and any information visitors from the Inland Empire would like to forward is welcome!

•  Concert Listings - In the summer the weekly updates move from Thursday night to Sunday night to coincide with the changes in the "Show of the Week" section.

•  A Brief Request - Toward the end of the summer many concert venues ask their audiences to fill out surveys about their concerts. Often the questionnaires include the opportunity to tell the organization how you found out about the concert. If you're attending a performance that you found through this site, please be sure to tell them that you found it on Thank you very much!

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