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    WELCOME TO THE CONCERT PAGES! All of the performance listings may be viewed in three ways: 1) by city, 2) for a particular day (by clicking a date on the calendar), and 3) by date for the entire month.  In addition, the cities are split into three categories: Orange County, Los Angeles County, and other cities.  You can view listings for all the cities together or for a particular county by itself.

    For those of you who have visited the summer site in previous years, the format for the concert links is the same. If you are new to the site or unfamiliar with the summer pages, please continue reading the explanation below.


Say, for example, you want to view all concerts on September 10.  You would first go to the "Concerts By Date" page. If you click a date on the calendar, it will give you all concerts (Orange County, Los Angeles County, and other cities) for that date.  You can narrow the list down to a particular county by clicking on Orange County by Date or Los Angeles County by Date and then look under the specific day.  To view performances in a particular city, you would first go to "Concerts By City" and choose "All Cities By City" or a particular county page.  From there you can click the first letter of the alphabet for the city you are looking for or scroll down through the entire list.

    As usual, every attempt is made to bring you the most up-to-date information possible.  However, all concerts are subject to change.  If you want to be sure that the acts listed will be performing, it is recommended that you phone the city or organization sponsoring the concert(s) or check their website(s).  This information is provided in the "LINKS" section and as a part of each listing.  For a weekend concert, it is recommended that you phone the city/organization by the Friday prior to the date of the performance. Enjoy the concerts and have a great summer!


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